My 2012 in Pictures. . . And a couple of words.

Collage 2012
Collage 2012

Well, this post should so be last year, but well, I am posting it this year.

This collage did take sometime making seeing as photoshop is not that easy but, those are my pictures for 2012 and here’s a couple of words.

1. I travelled a little. Got the opportunity to sit in a big bird, and feel like a bird and praying the big bird doesn’t get injured during my flight.

2. Dubai is a great city. And for Architects and students of Architecture, the Khalifa, Palm Jumeira, Al Arab is a must see. Amazing place except for the weather.

3. Lots and lots of alcohol. A victim of alcohol sampling.

4. Shoes. I like shoes, especially a pair of all black all stars.

5. Shoes without socks because wearing socks is now just too mainstream.

6. I became an Uncle. Three nephews.

7. I got a smart phone.

8. I MET LIQUIDEEP. Major highlight that one.

9. The village. That villa back home is awesome.

10. Team Ibanda. Bunch of crazy guys to party with.

11. Paint ball fighting. 25k well spent.

12. Finally, the Dark Knight Rises, Kuzeec… or @Kuzeec

13. Coming through alive at the end of it all. Lost loved ones, friends and still I remain grateful.

I should stop now.



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