My ZING. . .

Who hasn’t watched Hotel Transylvania?

*Raises arm!*

Well, I watched it, in bits though. And the only thing I got from the whole movie was finding your Zing. That one person that just makes it click for you. . . like Ziiinnnnggg…

Then again, how hard can it be finding your Zing? Well, here’s a few things that amuse me about my Zing and am pretty sure she agrees with me on this, somehow. . .

1. I can be angry at her for 3 days, and she will be for just 2 hours, just two hours, and I will be in more trouble than she’s in. How she does it, I dont know!

2. She thinks I am the more emotional one. Woman, I cry from just one eye, how more emotional do you want me to be?

3. You know when she calls you by your full name, she’s either in more love with you or you are in trouble, but chances are I am in more trouble.

4. I started getting periods when I started dating her. If you are in a relationship, you understand. If you are not, well, just wait for your turn.

5. There’s nothing I wouldn’t do for my Zing. Ridiculous as this sounds, but my ATM agrees with me.

6. She has my twitter password. One of those things I had to part with.

7. Your Zing makes you a selfish jealous monster. I almost beefed with her because she was texting the other man in her life, her father.

8. I’ve changed. I dont know how.  But I know I have.  .  .I think global warming would be solved if mother nature found herself a husband/boyfriend to take care of all her needs.

9. It’s the best thing that happened to me. I now have proof that two heads are better than one. Cheesy I know but whatevs dude, I’m cool with it.

10. We are perfect in our imperfections.

Well, this is a cheesy toast to my Zing and well I might or might have been threatened to write this.

Well, for those looking for their Zings, they will come to you. . .



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