Incepted. . .

There’s ordinary dreams, then there’s I-am-still-awake-but-this-is-a-dream kinda dreaming.

I had one this morning.

Given that my room is situated in the darkest corner of the house with no security lights whatsoever, I tend to leave my light on sometimes and hope and pray someone will come switch it off for me while I am asleep.

But this is not the reason I blog with such haste this morning. . .

“Mwami, eh, mwami, eh, emeese. . .mwami mwami, emeese. . .”

(The above statement is a coinage and euphemism to having sex or just plain beating a rat.)

Now, now, don’t get me wrong, I HATE this song, and honestly, I have subconsciously listened to it. I’ve even listened to it by people just virtually talking about it. That’s how bad it is, then again, that’s the only line that comes to mind if I was asked about this song.

So I slept quite late this night or morning because I wanted to watch the epic finale to the Superbowl or rather the SuperBrowl as most are calling it. And at some point when the 9ers were losing, I headed to bed. (Still don’t want to know what the score is.) I did my usual routine, lights on, get into bed, sleep. . .but for some unknown reason, I couldn’t get my mind to settle. It kept on wandering, from women, to pending work, to proposed work, to my hate of women now, yes, Valentines for me has just become a singles awareness day for me, but my mind kept on wandering. . .up to around 6 in the morning when the lights finally came off. . .

That’s when the song started playing in my dreams. It all started with me being in a dingy bar that was happening, everything was alright. I was enjoying my time and I wanted to call up a few friends and let them know what was going down. So, yes, I made that call in my dream. . .but in my dream, making that call virtually put me in a spot where I was standing in front of my friends and telling them to get a boda boda (Indian 3 seater bike that can carry a family of 7) and head out.

We then headed out.

While heading out, I just couldn’t seem to retrace my steps to that one place in my dreams. I was lost in my dreams, with a bunch of friends who I’d promised that they were going to have fun. So the GTA (Grand Theft Auto) mode kicked in and next thing I know, I’ve hijacked a boda boda. But this hijacking a boda boda was brought on by my earlier conscious decision to learn how to ride a boda boda, and what not such a better place than to do it in my dreams. So, I hop on and viola, I am in BWEYOGERERE.

*Please buckle down, I am trying to explain to you the severity of my dreams.*

Bweyogerere is a place where I have a few tenants, nagging ones, which sees me going to that place almost every week, to solve, collect or pass on retribution, so why the HELL, was I going to dance to emeese in this place. Meanwhile, all along, Emeese is the soundtrack (OST —> Original Soundtrack) to my dream. I seemed to be desperate at this point because I started asking for directions.

And that’s when the boda boda man, whose bike I’d stolen decided to take me to his brothel. And guess what, the brothel was full of rats, literally not figuratively. All I kept on seeing was rats. . .then the kick happened.

Good morning.

My advice to you this week, watch what crosses your mind. . .


2 thoughts on “Incepted. . .

  1. THE MIND IS BUT A STRANGE PLACE…. and meanwhile you don’t have to be single on valentines.I’ll be your date (no suits or dinner dresses) *wink and we’ll find something to muse on. who knows, we might hijack a bike and end up at the national stadium in bweyogerere…hihi…

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