Valentines Day. . .Are roses really red?

You see what I just did there with the fancy title. . .

Should I be excited because this is probably the first Valentines I am going to celebrate when I am fully conscious of the activities I am partaking. I know, as old as you think I am, I should be an expert at this stuff, but NO, I had to drink my way through the past Valentines mostly because I was celebrating my Singles Awareness Day.

So, what’s the plan…

Well, I am dating that’s for one. . .

SO, what should I do?

Are roses really it?

Well, here’s my take on Valentines. . .

Just go celebrate the damn thing. Don’t go on about what you are going to do. Just make your partner, loved one happy and feel special, that is eventually what counts.

*Drops mic*


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