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Just got this message from wordpress and I can’t help but smile. *Removes acceptance speech.*

So, as you see, the title says it all. Ok, not all. Its fancy and a replica of the famous adage ‘To be or not to be’, and in this case this post as intended, is about writing or not writing.

I’ve always been a big fan of literature however poor I was at it. I passed with a Credit 4 in my O level. Well, I was tired of talking about themes in Weep Not Child and the fat and juicy frog in Nolonger at Ease. But I appreciated the authors. People who took time to write, and write and write some more. I mean, 100 pages of just an idea must be a lot given that most of us can barely make a 5 paged office report, cover page included.

We write. . .send texts, update our statuses, tweet, send emails and yet, writing continues to be as obscure as it is to many. For those who’ve grown up in typical African/Ugandan boarding school environments know the pain of filling counter book after counter book of notes in over 16 subjects under the pretext of learning or being taught. And this you do for over 10 years of you life, and somehow, you still can’t write. Shame on you.

Writing is awesome, or maybe the person who got me interested in writing sold me awesome dreams. He said, he was a priest, that every time you wrote something down, you put down a memory never to be forgotten. A moment in time. Basically you captured time in that one moment with what you’ve written. But this again, had to be properly done. He insisted that we came up with journals, journals I still hold. I look back at my high school days and wonder in amazement at how incredulous and silly I was, but again, how would I have known if I hadn’t written.

All am saying is, to write or not too, is just some fancy title I cooked up. Coincidently it happens to fall on the day I celebrate 5 years of  blogging. *Runs to check stats*

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Keep writing.

This month

Quote: Love one another as you love yourself, masturbaters included.

Music: Pompi.

Movie: Rise of the Guardians. *Didn’t apply to Africa  I thought.*

Book: Struggling to start the 4th installation of Eragon.

Have a lovely evening. It’s all about love, spreading it, sharing it, and making it.