YOLO! It’s 2013!

She kept on screaming. Screaming and shouting. Her life was miserable she retorted. She needed better. I just looked on, wondering as to why she kept on screaming at me for things I had no hand in.

Let us cut the long story short. We are young, and there’s old people. Doesn’t mean they are always right. They’ve just lived longer. Maybe they have more experience, and maybe we young people also have different experiences. We live in a world of information where all you need to know is just at the tip. . .you know what I mean.

I’ve grown up from a not so rich family and a not so poor family but well, we survived and seem to have been stuck in the middle class craze. The kind that have cars but the fuel light is always showing empty. That kind of middle class. My parents are so comfortable they don’t even want to but an inch but well that doesn’t mean I should get comfortable. I should strive for better. I have the blue collar or is it white collar education or is it both? Oh well, I have the education.

I’ve been to boarding school and I dare say, best experience of my life, however miserable and sad that time was. I took away a lot from back in the days. So, YOLO, it’s 2013. . .

Like every middle class family in Africa, you always have that very poor side of the family that’s locked up in some weird battles back in the village or so they make it seem. Every time my broke aunt calls home, she’s complaining about how some child stole food from the garden. How she saw the child given that the garden is in a state of shambles, I don’t know but she did. Black magic maybe?

Anyway, the middle class is forced to support the poor lower class, and this is where my parents just go HAM! Alas, they still care for the lower class but with heavy hearts and anger and sometimes doing it frustratingly. Since I am in this comfortable middle class home driving around the comfortable middle class car on empty, I never feel the sting, but I do feel the plight.

And my question is this. . .why have we failed to move from the middle class? And why has the lower class continuously sought for dependency pills?

Well, my answer is YOLO! It’s 2013!