Just stop and think for a Second. . .

Just stop and think for a second, because a second is all you need to make that one decision, that one decision you will regret ultimately, because well, it took a second less to think through it. It took less than a second, to come up with what you thought was the better solution, and in this very second, this moment, you are regretting, regretting why you didn’t take that extra second, to realise, that maybe, it’s not the right decision.

But well, the decision has been made this second, and you can’t do anything about it until the next second, so, Just Stop and Think for a second.

Moments, captured in but a second hold us to many other more seconds we live to regret. Moments we want to leave but can’t because well, we now have the second best, not the first, but the second best choice, because well, it took less than a second. You are hurt, because well, your heart can’t take another second, of the second decision you made in a few micro seconds, like that phone call that  asking for a second chance, because you put the first best decision second.

All it takes are seconds, seconds to realise that in this very second, you might want to ask again, for that second chance to make this right, not for the first but the second opportunity. So, lets all just stop for a second, just one, not two, and think of the first best options we put second, and try to right the wrong.

We are all not perfect, for if we were, perfect wouldn’t be the word we use to describe perfect. It would be a more awesome word I guess. But in this perfect, yet imperfect world, we have had moments where we are perfect, because, we were not alone. We had found our niches. The diversity of these niches, like the specks of dust, when they meet the rain, to give the most beautiful natural smell, is when we have found perfect. In our jobs, passions, discoveries and most of all, partners, spouses, friends, people, so just stop and think for a second, because in that one moment, when you believe you are perfect, you might just lose what makes your imperfectness perfect.

We all grapple with these thoughts once in a while, these thoughts of who we are, what we are, what our purpose is in life, but we are blind, blind to the fact that, our purpose in life is living, for if you are not, then your purpose is none existent. We are different, and yet, our search for this purpose, makes us the same being, the same being that’s seeking a greatness, in good or bad. We forget that sometimes, our purpose is to create purpose, rather than seek it, that our purpose is just that. That if you stopped for a second, and thought, and acted, or didn’t act, that that in itself is purpose.

Purpose is not pursuing your greatest dream, or going on the greatest adventure. Purpose is not sought, but rather made. That purpose in itself is just purpose. It isn’t a tangible thing. It’s not something we define, something we see, in ourselves, but in others. Your purpose other than living is seeing it in someone else.

So, what is your purpose? Just stop, and think for a second.


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