185th Post. To Birthdays….

Once every year in April, there comes a day when I celebrate my birth. Like any other birthday, mine is special, and only for one reason. . .*drum roll please*

I was born on Easter Sunday. Unlike Christmas which is stagnated on a specific day, the dates for Easter keep changing so yes, other special people have been born on Easter too, and we don’t even have the same dates for our birthday. But still, this shouldn’t burst my bubble.

I am not a big birthday – party throwing -getting wasted you need a kidney and liver transplant the next day – kinda person. Birthdays have never been celebrated much where I come from. All we had and still have is the annual beginning of the year birthday which we all celebrate and also call our birthday because no one has got time for that.


A happy birthday to me and all those that share this date.

Make it count.


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