Our Poor Education System. . .

I sit and wonder, when I hear people go on and on and onnnnn about how poor our education system is.

But before we go about complaining about our education system, we need to understand what SYSTEM is.

System (n): A complex whole; a set of things working together
A organized scheme or method . . .

So, when people complain about the system, and saying it is poor, they are pretty much saying;

1. Preschool (nursery) is useless. We don’t need to learn how to spell, write and colour in fancy cut books, and sleep after lunch.

2. Primary School is useless. The key aspects of what we learn can be broken down into four which indeed are English, Maths, Science and Social Studies. These are the four basic fundamentals of what we do and the stepping and guiding stones. So, the Primary school system is useless, right?

3. Secondary School is useless. When you break down the 4 learning fundamentals, English, Maths, Science and Social Studies, you get English, Literature, Maths, Additional Maths, Mechanics, Physics, Biology, Chemistry, History,Geography, Agriculture, Fine Art, Technical Drawing to mention but a few. With all this, the information one gets from doing at least all this is vast, very very vast. Remember, there’s vast extra curricular activities you do. Sports, Music, Dance and Drama. But this is useless, right?

4. Higher Secondary School is useless: After deciding that I’ve learnt and studied, I need to specialise in subjects that will help me grow and nurture my ambition, and this is where you stream line the courses. Which can be broken down into Arts and Sciences. And this too is useless, right? The system is useless.

5. University is useless: After studying for this long, under a system, or rather systems you hate for not giving you the answers to your life problem or problems, you will have reached the stage that determines your future. The University. It is here where you claim that the system has been bad to you and you choose the course of your choice or not and do it, and when you are done, you graduate and go out into the world. Yes, the system is not equipped to help us at this point. . .Damn you system you complain.

So I need to know, who’s doing the system wrong. The vast amount of opportunities and information one would acquire when under any of these systems is quite wide. The knowledge, the understanding. . .and yet, we complain about the system being poor and weak and useless.

Imagine our leaders, who didn’t got through some of these stages in the system, haven’t we seen the results. We have leaders who are inheriting positions in parliament. INHERITING. And we blame it on an education system that is certified worldwide by any country in the common wealth. We are quick to run and leave the country, to go and look for a better system, only to realise, it is the same back home, but you are paying twice as much, hoping to come back and be paid for going and studying in a similar system. Be paid for seating on a plane and doing what everyone else is doing back home.

The system that has nurtured great minds. What makes the best in your class any better than you are? Are they good at understanding the system? Does the system favour them? NO! It doesn’t.

Before we go on about Education systems this, Education systems that. . .go google BLOOMS TAXONOMY!

It will help you more. It is not that the SYSTEM has failed you, but you have continuously failed the SYSTEM it has become the System’s fault. A system that has nurtured you, given you knowledge, made you friends and most of all, given you the opportunity to understand what it is I am writing.

So, the SYSTEM has spoken and it has said, STFU! Style Up. It’s you, and not IT!

Think people. Think.

Please add aimless title here. . .

. . .

The ellipsis. . .

. . .

All it symbolises is that there’s something more other than that that I have stated.

I have never been one to sit and compose a full blog post, edit it, proof read then post it for you.  It all happens in a moment, like this one. Maybe that’s why I have continuously failed to come up with the novel I have promised myself to write for a very long time now. Anyway;

How are you?
Are you ok?

Just felt like doing that. I need to know you have a semblance of sanity while reading this because, at the end, you might realise I have engaged you for a whole five minutes or so, and in those minutes, I have said nothing but a lot of hogwash.

There’s a lot of hurt going on in the world right now! But what can you do, maybe wait for May 3rd. . .Superman is coming to the rescue.

I believe in God, and not religion.

I believe in the Golden rule. . .you might want to google that. People who are busy quoting the Bible and claiming Good deeds wont get me to heaven, well, I’d rather do lots of good deeds, because, that’s what life if for. That is the essence of living.

I am not big on relationships, but, my only advice is go forth and spread what ever it is you want to spread. Joy, Happiness, Herpes. . .

I’ve run out of things to write about. . .

The Ethos of The Thought Process

I’ve sat down and thought about how to go about this post. . .

The intention is for it to be deep and sentimental. . .

The ethos of the Thought process. . .why I called my blog the thought process . . .

Before I knew how to think, I’d spent most of my time cramming and cramming and tying to figure out the things I had been cramming. It gets boring at some point. You wake up and realise that all you’ve been doing is repetition. An education system that fosters success through cram work is not one we should really be proud of, but well, it is not in our power to change it either.

I hated cramming, because with it, came forgetting, and then I’d be forced to start cramming all over again. And this, I realised after taking a peek into my economics summaries. . .

We all have minds, that allow us to access and wield the power of logic. Logic is something I’d always admired in my friends who were in the maths class, the very very bright ones. The kinda friends who walked out of a test and knew exactly what and which result they’ll get based on the few things they realised they weren’t sure about. One of those friends always played Sudoku and with that I was hooked. The more I played Sudoku, the more my mind’s logic expanded. I need to be several steps ahead. And thus my passion for thought.

*Two Years Later*

I joined campus, excited, I had gotten the course of my choice. During my first semester though, one evening in the famed Mitchell Hall at Makerere, I bumped into the one and only Spartan a.k.a  @spartakussug. . . and we had a 7 hour conversation. I’d never met him, had never seen him, just a random ‘what’s up’ and we talked that long. I had logic but I lacked thought process, and he had both.

And thus began my quest to educe, enlighten and continue using logic and thought process, and in a nutshell, the Ethos of the Thought Process!


Logic and thought are very important because they are the difference between wisdom and foolishness, calm and collectedness and being in a rush and ultimately, your mark on whatever and however you do something. I could go ahead and say blooms taxonomy but yeah, no one knows this stuff like they used too…From Aristotle, Socrates, Pluto, down to Da Vinci, Newton, Einstein and then who? Me maybe.


Happy Birthday. . .

The complexity or rather the simplicity that is in celebrating two birth dates is one I should explain. . .

The Occasion and the Date of Birth…

I was born on Easter Sunday, a few years ago. . .and thus the genesis of my name to mean the ‘Ressurection of Christ’ and my belief that I am somehow special or linked one way or another to the coming of the end of the world. But every Easter Sunday born child who thinks like me will think that too. . .

Easter Sunday keeps changing so the date never remains the same and thus my Date of Birth. . .

So, I hypothetically have two birthdays. . .which is not a bad thing. . .and which is also not a good thing.

Does it make me feel more special? No!

I am just grateful for the new many things. . .and one of them is;

The New Year. So, time to make those new year resolutions. . .