Happy Birthday. . .

The complexity or rather the simplicity that is in celebrating two birth dates is one I should explain. . .

The Occasion and the Date of Birth…

I was born on Easter Sunday, a few years ago. . .and thus the genesis of my name to mean the ‘Ressurection of Christ’ and my belief that I am somehow special or linked one way or another to the coming of the end of the world. But every Easter Sunday born child who thinks like me will think that too. . .

Easter Sunday keeps changing so the date never remains the same and thus my Date of Birth. . .

So, I hypothetically have two birthdays. . .which is not a bad thing. . .and which is also not a good thing.

Does it make me feel more special? No!

I am just grateful for the new many things. . .and one of them is;

The New Year. So, time to make those new year resolutions. . .


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