The Ethos of The Thought Process

I’ve sat down and thought about how to go about this post. . .

The intention is for it to be deep and sentimental. . .

The ethos of the Thought process. . .why I called my blog the thought process . . .

Before I knew how to think, I’d spent most of my time cramming and cramming and tying to figure out the things I had been cramming. It gets boring at some point. You wake up and realise that all you’ve been doing is repetition. An education system that fosters success through cram work is not one we should really be proud of, but well, it is not in our power to change it either.

I hated cramming, because with it, came forgetting, and then I’d be forced to start cramming all over again. And this, I realised after taking a peek into my economics summaries. . .

We all have minds, that allow us to access and wield the power of logic. Logic is something I’d always admired in my friends who were in the maths class, the very very bright ones. The kinda friends who walked out of a test and knew exactly what and which result they’ll get based on the few things they realised they weren’t sure about. One of those friends always played Sudoku and with that I was hooked. The more I played Sudoku, the more my mind’s logic expanded. I need to be several steps ahead. And thus my passion for thought.

*Two Years Later*

I joined campus, excited, I had gotten the course of my choice. During my first semester though, one evening in the famed Mitchell Hall at Makerere, I bumped into the one and only Spartan a.k.a  @spartakussug. . . and we had a 7 hour conversation. I’d never met him, had never seen him, just a random ‘what’s up’ and we talked that long. I had logic but I lacked thought process, and he had both.

And thus began my quest to educe, enlighten and continue using logic and thought process, and in a nutshell, the Ethos of the Thought Process!


Logic and thought are very important because they are the difference between wisdom and foolishness, calm and collectedness and being in a rush and ultimately, your mark on whatever and however you do something. I could go ahead and say blooms taxonomy but yeah, no one knows this stuff like they used too…From Aristotle, Socrates, Pluto, down to Da Vinci, Newton, Einstein and then who? Me maybe.



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