Please add aimless title here. . .

. . .

The ellipsis. . .

. . .

All it symbolises is that there’s something more other than that that I have stated.

I have never been one to sit and compose a full blog post, edit it, proof read then post it for you.  It all happens in a moment, like this one. Maybe that’s why I have continuously failed to come up with the novel I have promised myself to write for a very long time now. Anyway;

How are you?
Are you ok?

Just felt like doing that. I need to know you have a semblance of sanity while reading this because, at the end, you might realise I have engaged you for a whole five minutes or so, and in those minutes, I have said nothing but a lot of hogwash.

There’s a lot of hurt going on in the world right now! But what can you do, maybe wait for May 3rd. . .Superman is coming to the rescue.

I believe in God, and not religion.

I believe in the Golden rule. . .you might want to google that. People who are busy quoting the Bible and claiming Good deeds wont get me to heaven, well, I’d rather do lots of good deeds, because, that’s what life if for. That is the essence of living.

I am not big on relationships, but, my only advice is go forth and spread what ever it is you want to spread. Joy, Happiness, Herpes. . .

I’ve run out of things to write about. . .

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