Our Poor Education System. . .

I sit and wonder, when I hear people go on and on and onnnnn about how poor our education system is.

But before we go about complaining about our education system, we need to understand what SYSTEM is.

System (n): A complex whole; a set of things working together
A organized scheme or method . . .

So, when people complain about the system, and saying it is poor, they are pretty much saying;

1. Preschool (nursery) is useless. We don’t need to learn how to spell, write and colour in fancy cut books, and sleep after lunch.

2. Primary School is useless. The key aspects of what we learn can be broken down into four which indeed are English, Maths, Science and Social Studies. These are the four basic fundamentals of what we do and the stepping and guiding stones. So, the Primary school system is useless, right?

3. Secondary School is useless. When you break down the 4 learning fundamentals, English, Maths, Science and Social Studies, you get English, Literature, Maths, Additional Maths, Mechanics, Physics, Biology, Chemistry, History,Geography, Agriculture, Fine Art, Technical Drawing to mention but a few. With all this, the information one gets from doing at least all this is vast, very very vast. Remember, there’s vast extra curricular activities you do. Sports, Music, Dance and Drama. But this is useless, right?

4. Higher Secondary School is useless: After deciding that I’ve learnt and studied, I need to specialise in subjects that will help me grow and nurture my ambition, and this is where you stream line the courses. Which can be broken down into Arts and Sciences. And this too is useless, right? The system is useless.

5. University is useless: After studying for this long, under a system, or rather systems you hate for not giving you the answers to your life problem or problems, you will have reached the stage that determines your future. The University. It is here where you claim that the system has been bad to you and you choose the course of your choice or not and do it, and when you are done, you graduate and go out into the world. Yes, the system is not equipped to help us at this point. . .Damn you system you complain.

So I need to know, who’s doing the system wrong. The vast amount of opportunities and information one would acquire when under any of these systems is quite wide. The knowledge, the understanding. . .and yet, we complain about the system being poor and weak and useless.

Imagine our leaders, who didn’t got through some of these stages in the system, haven’t we seen the results. We have leaders who are inheriting positions in parliament. INHERITING. And we blame it on an education system that is certified worldwide by any country in the common wealth. We are quick to run and leave the country, to go and look for a better system, only to realise, it is the same back home, but you are paying twice as much, hoping to come back and be paid for going and studying in a similar system. Be paid for seating on a plane and doing what everyone else is doing back home.

The system that has nurtured great minds. What makes the best in your class any better than you are? Are they good at understanding the system? Does the system favour them? NO! It doesn’t.

Before we go on about Education systems this, Education systems that. . .go google BLOOMS TAXONOMY!

It will help you more. It is not that the SYSTEM has failed you, but you have continuously failed the SYSTEM it has become the System’s fault. A system that has nurtured you, given you knowledge, made you friends and most of all, given you the opportunity to understand what it is I am writing.

So, the SYSTEM has spoken and it has said, STFU! Style Up. It’s you, and not IT!

Think people. Think.

3 thoughts on “Our Poor Education System. . .

  1. I don’t remember how I got here, but I agree and disagree with you on this view. (Isn’t this healthy? 😉
    I believe most failures are from us. Blaming others for our shortcomings is cowardly. But I still do it from time to time, it makes me feel better, as briefly as it does.

    However, I still think there are things to improve in the education SYSTEM, as you put it. I have yet to look up Blooms Taxonomy.
    Good post.

    1. It seems that I already know what Blooms Taxonomy is (now that I looked it up), I just wish the educational SYSTEM applies it more vigorously and considerately when teaching and grading. I think there are a few aspects missing or still in need of blooming in the education system. This is not to say that it has completely failed us, but it has failed with certain things when it comes to our mental health, among other things.

      1. Very true. I wouldn’t argue with you on that. But at the least, let us first appreciate what we have, understand it, before we can make it better. That’s part of Blooms taxonomy too.

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