Before we go into the nitty gritty of what these “Levels” are. . .I do like to listen to music while am writing a blog post. And most times, I always want to get done with the typing of the blog at the same time the song is ending. Following the tempo and all, creating the rhythm and viola, hoping the few words I typed (penned)  down are a master piece.

So, what are these levels we are talking about?

This long story shall be cut short, for the reader’s sake and my mind’s sanity! We’ve all been in relationships and within these relationships, there’s categories, or rather levels at which whoever you are involved with can only cross at a certain point! Where one can only let you in or make you a part of a certain level. I can only break down the levels in which people you can meet!


Access to this level, if granted means you are marriage material. By the time you get to this level, shit basically just got serious. When you get to meet the family and friends of your partner, they are basically giving you a go ahead to become a member of that category. This stage has permanence to it. It has serious written all over it. Getting to this level simply means you’ve been through  a lot of shit, you can take more shit. Basically, if you were in the CIA/FBI, this is where your name is revered! Neo would call you ‘The One’!


The you can only meet friends means that the only time you meet your partner is when he’s alone or when they’re hanging with friends. There’s nothing special about this. Most relationships are a Level 2 relationship, meet friends, have fun and move on. Most times, they are trying to get to know you, hope you are compatible with the status quo! If you miserably fail to get past this level, forget about Level 1! I could call this Level the friendzone level. You can and shall never upgrade if you get too comfortable or fail to meet the compatible criteria.


This level means one thing and one thing only! The only person who knows you apart from your partner is your partner’s best friend, or the go to guy, the guy who will do the clean up when shit gets messy. Basically, you are the side dish! You are not allowed to meet family because your partner is already committed to someone! You are that thrill! You are not, shall not, will never meet the family lest you spoil your ‘partner’s’ things.


Hahaha! I can only laugh at this. This level can only mean one thing, and one thing only, again! You were forgotten. You know how you meet and date people and things just dissolve amicably, with no heart breaking, gut wrenching, misery! Yes, that’s the anonymous level. Sometimes you surprise yourselves by wondering how you ever dated that person! You question the notion that you two ever felt something for each other. That’s the anonymous level! Most times, these are just momentary crushes, and when they are done, so are  you two!

Which level are you, which level are me? Hope that sounds right!


If You Don’t Know Now You Know. . .

If You Don’t Know Now You Know. . .these lines now famous, were first made by Biggie Smalls before every rapper made it mainstream…and then Busta and Big Tig went H.A.M on a song with the same title.

This here blog is sponsored by Half Price Tuesday or in simpler terms, a 2 for 1 for those who don’t see what the half price is.

If you don’t know now you know;

1. Blogs are internet diaries. The more secretive, the more interesting a blog is and if you don’t know the face behind the blog, it is a beautiful thing. Unfortunately in this category, I have failed immensely, but well, people are always surprised that ‘we’ write too.

2. WordPress is a better platform than any other blogging platform.

3. I am sorry for not blogging in a long time. Call it blogcks, call it whatever you want, but yes, happens to the best of us. In fact, it wasn’t that I had blogcks but I had lots and lots and lots and lots of school work to finish. Sorry again.

4. Blogs are supposed to be interesting, inspiring or captivating. Whatever you decide to share, make it worth it.

5. Pussy Riot is not a band, but if it is, Russian is not the language of Music. I tried, I honestly tried but I can barely make out the difference between the voice and the instruments. Dang!

6. This one is useless. I have nothing to write about. Now, let me inspire you, or spark your imagination or just plain tell you something with none of these. . .

Uhm. . .*Thinks hard and long*

Well, there you half it! Half Price Tuesday blogs. . .