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Uncut, unedited! Just RAW!

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195 posts, Over 195, 000 words, any meaning to them? I don’t know? Any meaning to you? I still don’t know!

Has your life been any better than it should be this week? I don’t know? How many times have we killed off Nelson Mandela this week? I don’t know?

Having issues with your partner, spouse, better half? I don’t know?

All I am saying is, 195 posts down this trodden road, I still don’t know! I only know as much as I don’t know, I think.

Should such milestones be celebrated, maybe, maybe not.

* * * *

To all the people in puppy love, here’s something I came across. . .

Two of kind

Same cotton, different cloth

refined, defined for each other

Two pieces of a puzzle

That complete the maze

The ‘we’ in awesome

To my dearest lover.


Anyway, have a great evening, some a good night, others a beautiful morning. I’ll see myself out.

196. . .

Sutures. . .


I also didn’t know what that word meant until last week, when I was having a conversation with a colleague.

Once in a while, during the week, I go sweat it out on the basketball court with a couple of friends. I had played basketball with this friend of mine, who we shall call Dan, for a very long time, since childhood, and now we were here, seating and discussing worldly issues. As we played, we kept on talking, about our professions. Like me, he’d done a 5 year course and we always consoled ourselves that we weren’t alone.

Dan is a Doctor at Mulago, and that eventful evening, we started chatting about the budget, whether the Health sector shall be awarded more resources and if this would be enough. Dan at his young age had seen quite a lot in Mulago, enough to last a life time, yet here, he smiled, laughed at how passionate he was in medicine. We laughed at the ridiculousness of our budget, of how hospitals had run out of blood. Being the inquisitive me, I asked whether Mulago had run out of blood too like the other hospitals.

Dan exclaimed, ” Blood is not the issue here!”

“Why?” I asked.

“You don’t even know half of what goes on!”

“Seriously!?!. . .” I retorted.

“The truth is, there’s no blood anywhere. In fact, blood is not the issue. Sutures. Needles. Gloves. Hospitals lack medical supplies. It really hurts me when a patient comes in at 3:00 am in the night, and I have to send them away because the hospital has run out of supplies. A national hospital runs out of drip needles. Drip needles I tell you. I am a paediatrician, and there’s different sizes of drip needles. There are those for a child, and those for an adult. You can’t use those of an adult on a child, you’d kill it. Sometimes I am forced to walk around the hospital till I find one.”

At this point, I am speechless. A National Referral Hospital runs out of supplies.

I ask, “So, what do you do? What’s the solution?”

“There’s no solution to lack of medical supplies. Sometimes you are forced to send patients away. I mean, that’s the best help you can give them.  Just know, I’ve learned to find my way out, give the best help with the least medical supplies.”

At this point, I am not even furious. I am scared of falling sick. I muse at how the government cuts the health budget and allocates it to other less needy sectors.

Talking to Dan just makes me realise I need to make an effort, and effort to live a better a life because honestly, there’s a lot of bullshit out there in this country.

We muse at how none of these people in politics are affected by some of these things. Whenever an MP, Minister, Army General, Member of the First family, a very rich person falls sick or gets medical complications, they are airlifted to Nairobi or other hospitals outside of Uganda. How can they know the plight of the poor, the needy let alone the medical profession. We also realise that the guys leading these sectors, are fucking social artists, business administrators. Ok, they may not be that, but the doctors are not being led or represented by a Doctor at the top. The guy who knows what it means for a hospital to run out of supplies. Someone who knows what it takes to give the best quality health services. Someone who knows that at the core of a thriving society is a thriving and booming health sector. Simply put, you need a healthy society and who are the game changers here? The freaking DOCTORS.

At this point, we don’t really care about the basketball game. We are deeply held in this conversation we are having. He asks me about my architecture and am like that’s useless now. We just put up buildings, nothing more to it I say.

He tells me of how he’s limited to 2 sutures during surgery. Sutures are basically the strings/threads that they use to saw you up after being cut. Sutures like surgical blades come in different sizes and depending on the size used, this affects the scars and the beauty of the scar. Sutures are very important because depending on the surgery done on you, different sizes are needed. Surprise surprise when he tells me that he’s only limited to two during an operation. If the worst comes to the worst and he runs out of sutures, well, let’s just hope it doesn’t come to that. He reminisces on how he’s learnt to use supplies given their limited nature and supply. Not all hope is lost here.

We sit and continue to muse about our professions and how we started from the bottom. I can’t help but wonder at how mentally mature and amazing this friend of mine is. He has been trained to save lives, the very lives of people who’ve turned a blind eye on what they need to survive. We talk about blood donation drives. He tells me two astonishing things.

1. The highest donors of blood in Uganda are students in high schools. But this has to be filtered and made sure it’s ready and good for use.

2. If you donated blood, and you were in a situation where you needed blood, you are and will be served first. Basically, if you gave blood, you deserve to be given blood too.

SO, go donate blood people. You eventually come first when your turn comes.

I can’t help but wonder, can we really be saved. I really don’t care about the budget reading or that they plan to make roads! As long as key sectors like Health keep on being overlooked, I can’t smile and associate myself with these kind of people.

Well. . .

I am just sharing this random piece of thought. . .

Unfortunately, this is not a half price, two for one blog. Serious issues at stake.  Peace.

The Puzzle. . .

Before we delve into the intricacies of Life

The nuances of language

And the perception of thought. . .

chchchkkkk DJ give me the beat. . .

I’d like to talk about you today,

By talking about me. . .

We are cut from a different cloth. . .

But made from the same cotton. . .

What you see

I also see too!

Enough of those shenanigans. . .

I read Patra’s Blog about Things women do but MEN don’t understand, and I thought I would come back with a Come Back but alas, I can’t seem to think of things Men do but Women don’t understand. . .I’ve tried thinking up of such a list but again, my brain just refuses.

What are the things Men do that women don’t understand? Are there any? Should there be any? Well, these are just a couple of things I think we do that puzzle women. . .


1. We love video games. We are never too old to play video games. Give me the pad, pun intended, and we shall sit on the console till we decide it’s time to let go.

2. We don’t believe that we can just be friends with you. Like seriously, I either want to bang you, or I am waiting for you to break up with your dude, and then I can make/front a proposal on how we should start banging. The friendzone is just a front.

3. The answer to ‘Do I look fat in this dress?’will always be NO!

4. We love our alone time, even when we are in relationships. Don’t go calling the police about how I’ve been MIA for half the day.

5. We hate long showers. Water is our kryptonite unless there’s the sex in the bathroom option, of which, we shall still not try to shower after.

6. We have that favourite jean we are going to put on from Monday to the next Monday.

7. We may not play the sport but we are surely well versed with it. Let’s just say we play it, in our minds.

8. We hate shopping, window shopping. Window shopping should only be done if we are buying new windows!

9. We multi task too. Listening to you going on about how good you are at multi tasking while multi tasking is our form of multi tasking.

10.  We don’t understand a thing you tell us. That’s why it’s important to keep reminding us.

Ok, I’ve totally failed at this because I’ve failed to convince myself that these are the things we do that puzzle you, but well, I gave it my best shot. I am not proud, but well, at least I said I wasn’t proud.

I stop here for now. . .

This again, is a half Price, two for one, very cheap blog. . .



Half Price Tuesday Blog!

No, this is not a two for one. . .

It’s half of one. . .

And no, this is not brought to you by Nandos, Mr. Tasty or Garden City Cineplex, this is brought to you by Mama Nulu.

Mama Nulu wishes you well and hopes you can soon visit her breakfast with katogo restaurant soon, again, under the big Orange sign post in Wandegeya. She’s also camera shy, so no photos.

On your playlist right now ‘Watch out for this  Bumaye – Major Lazer, Busy Signal & The Flexican’ should be playing, why, because I said so. Google is your friend though. Besides, that’s the soundtrack to this blog.

So I was whining about bad bloggers last week, or rather, things good bloggers need to do, well, here’s some  things people need to learn about social media websites a.k.a facebook & twitter!

1. We don’t care. Your sorrow, joy, daddy issues, mummy issues, mental health issues, relationship issues are YOUR damn issues. We like to muse, maybe relate a little but we bloody don’t care.

2. We care about the way you present us your issues. If your issues are real but presented in a fun, relatable and in ‘I don’t give a crap’ kinda way, then yes, we shall read and care about them, from somewhere behind a computer or gadget screen.

3. Know when to be emotional. It’s human I know but social media doesn’t care about humans. There’s a reason they are called TROLLS! They are trolls on there. We eat anything human. As soon as we detect your human side, the trolls come out hunting. So, know when to be emotional, in fact, be devoid of emotions. We don’t really care, remember.

4. Have fun. If you take life serious on social media sites, well, you are in for a big damn surprise. Social media sites is where constipated thoughts go to ease themselves, so, when you take shit serious, you are in for a stink.

5.Take nothing personal, give nothing personal. A story run in the New Vision (Uganda’s apparent leading daily newspaper) of how girls were raped on facebook, or rather, the culprits and the victim met off facebook. Try as much as bloody possible to keep your personal shit off these sites. You’ll thank me later.

6. I don’t care about you, the reader. Chances are, you already know this and have skipped to the sixth point, wondering, what next, well


Yeah, just like that. A Half  Price Tuesday Blog. . .