The Puzzle. . .

Before we delve into the intricacies of Life

The nuances of language

And the perception of thought. . .

chchchkkkk DJ give me the beat. . .

I’d like to talk about you today,

By talking about me. . .

We are cut from a different cloth. . .

But made from the same cotton. . .

What you see

I also see too!

Enough of those shenanigans. . .

I read Patra’s Blog about Things women do but MEN don’t understand, and I thought I would come back with a Come Back but alas, I can’t seem to think of things Men do but Women don’t understand. . .I’ve tried thinking up of such a list but again, my brain just refuses.

What are the things Men do that women don’t understand? Are there any? Should there be any? Well, these are just a couple of things I think we do that puzzle women. . .


1. We love video games. We are never too old to play video games. Give me the pad, pun intended, and we shall sit on the console till we decide it’s time to let go.

2. We don’t believe that we can just be friends with you. Like seriously, I either want to bang you, or I am waiting for you to break up with your dude, and then I can make/front a proposal on how we should start banging. The friendzone is just a front.

3. The answer to ‘Do I look fat in this dress?’will always be NO!

4. We love our alone time, even when we are in relationships. Don’t go calling the police about how I’ve been MIA for half the day.

5. We hate long showers. Water is our kryptonite unless there’s the sex in the bathroom option, of which, we shall still not try to shower after.

6. We have that favourite jean we are going to put on from Monday to the next Monday.

7. We may not play the sport but we are surely well versed with it. Let’s just say we play it, in our minds.

8. We hate shopping, window shopping. Window shopping should only be done if we are buying new windows!

9. We multi task too. Listening to you going on about how good you are at multi tasking while multi tasking is our form of multi tasking.

10.  We don’t understand a thing you tell us. That’s why it’s important to keep reminding us.

Ok, I’ve totally failed at this because I’ve failed to convince myself that these are the things we do that puzzle you, but well, I gave it my best shot. I am not proud, but well, at least I said I wasn’t proud.

I stop here for now. . .

This again, is a half Price, two for one, very cheap blog. . .




2 thoughts on “The Puzzle. . .

  1. all that is very puzzling…. especially why you have a closet with really nice jeans that you won’t wear. how different is that from the actual window shopping?

    nice come-back though 🙂

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