Free style blog this!

Uncut, unedited! Just RAW!

*The Matter – Wizkid playing in the background, nodding head side ways to some azonto like movement *

195 posts, Over 195, 000 words, any meaning to them? I don’t know? Any meaning to you? I still don’t know!

Has your life been any better than it should be this week? I don’t know? How many times have we killed off Nelson Mandela this week? I don’t know?

Having issues with your partner, spouse, better half? I don’t know?

All I am saying is, 195 posts down this trodden road, I still don’t know! I only know as much as I don’t know, I think.

Should such milestones be celebrated, maybe, maybe not.

* * * *

To all the people in puppy love, here’s something I came across. . .

Two of kind

Same cotton, different cloth

refined, defined for each other

Two pieces of a puzzle

That complete the maze

The ‘we’ in awesome

To my dearest lover.


Anyway, have a great evening, some a good night, others a beautiful morning. I’ll see myself out.

196. . .


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