Kanye recently released his something something studio album called YEEZUS. And it was awesome listening to it. At some point it felt a little blasphemous but as I continued to listen to it, I just kept on wondering and trust me, I was more than bemused. The album is not even blasphemous at all and at some point, it sounds like he’s praising the Lord for what He’s done for him. In I AM A GOD, he goes on to say Mi Casa Su Casa. . .which is Spanish for My Home (House) is your Home (House) and I can’t say enough about his word play in this album.

All I am saying is, don’t be quick to judge because of what other people said or what your ears could only hear, but rather, listen, appreciate and try to understand. He references I AM A GOD as a tribute to what people perceive him as in the current music industry and his kind of mentality at this point in his life and career.

Pusha T releasedΒ Fear Of God II Let Us Pray

J Cole released Born Sinner

Kanye released Yeezus

Jay Z released Magna Carta Holy Grail

It really did feel like the illuminati had it out for us musically and yes, when I got to listen to the albums, I can’t help but appreciate the transition of hiphop and it’s take on various topics. It was like poetry. I look at these hiphop artists as poets, and this time, their take on religion and various social issues and revealing a little about themselves in their music was a total eargasm (what your ears get when they listen to this kind of music).

I was left with the option of judging who had the best album and honestly, I don’t know who had the best album here.

Pusha T has the silent flow, the beats that creep up on you, the melody. The kinda music you appreciate after a while. It don’t hit you until later when you need something different to listen to. Let’s just say I am big fan of Pusha and yes, this album gets like an 8 for beats, melody, rap/verse and continuity. The kinda of album I’d still listen to next year.

J Cole had a sick album. Sick flow. Sick collabos. My only problem with this album is that yes, they are very many good songs, it’s like a complete album but at some point, the songs you liked listening to, are no longer the best. The beats at some point felt like they were recycled and remixed. It would still get a solid 8 for major lyrical content. The beats are alright, but not to die for. They also had melody. Melody is very critical.

Kanye. Kanye. Kanye. He gets a 9. Honestly, forget your beliefs or that he sounds blasphemous or that he’s dating Kim K, this fucker pushes hiphop all the time in directions unseen before. The vocals, the verse, the beats, the word play, no wonder it’s easy for guys to judge. I can’t say I have a favourite song in Yeezus but yes, I appreciate the work put in it however little effort he seemed to have put in it. Yes, he has the hype, but it’s deservedly so.

Jay Z’s Magna Carta Holy Grail gets a 6. Why? You don’t even have to ask why! All the above 3 artists produced their albums, they knew what they were looking for. They again went ahead to rap on their own albums. All Jay Z did is sell 1 million copies to Samsung which would be given free to guys who had and owned the S4. He got a bunch of producers; Timbo, Swizz, Pharell and some white bearded dude, put them in a room, and told them to make him beats. Yes, given your taste, there’s some sick beats and it’s awesome when such a bunch come together but Jay Z has no input apart from the rapping bit. I’ll give him a 6 because most of the lyrics in the new album are different. Not awesome but different. I’ve listened to Jay Z long enough to know that you can trace some of the lyrics of his new album to his old albums. So a 6 is me being fair.

Anyway, this is my opinion. My take on these summer block busting albums! Waiting for Kid Cudi’s INDICUD and hopefully, well, I know he wont disappoint.

Ok, my list of favourite songs on these albums;

1. Everything That Glitters – Pusha T

2. Forbidden Fruit – J Cole, Kendrick (The Skit at the end of this song is SICK)

3. I AM A GOD – Kanye

4. Somewhere in America – Jay Z. (I hope you saw the video of Miley twerking! She put in a lot of twork)

Well, that’s all folks. This is my opinion. Get your own too.


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