The UK Conundrum!

Have I used conundrum right?

Oh well…Good morning.

For those who are bitter, well, I just lost ten thousand ug shillings, like I had the 10k in my pocket and the next moment it was gone. Like pwushhh. . .nowhere to be seen. So I am hoping its relatives the 5ks, 20ks and 50ks will visit me soon, very very soon, in memory of that 10k.

Now, onto more important issues. . .like

Who wrote the Old Testament in the bible?
Do you understand your purpose in this web of purposes?

NO, that’s not the issue here. I am just trying to waste time, suck you in. Let’s call this foreplay before I give it to you, the real thing you want.


I am actually glad I spelt conundrum without having to visit a dictionary.

Do you have one of those parents who’ve travelled? Those parents who’ve seen the world? Those parents who never stop talking about the awesomeness that’s out there compared to back home in Uganda. . .don’t be alarmed, I have them two. And I used two here because I meant both.

Everything that has gone wrong, that is going wrong can be compared or will be compared to the UK/US or wherever your cool parents travelled too.

Poor time keeping? In the UK, people there keep time!
Bad driving and there’s no police in sight? In the UK, police would have stopped and charged that person.
Too much dust? In the UK, they wash their roads every morning!

In the UK (She was in London for just a month by the way) has become in the UK. I did this in the UK, because people here are not worthy of having travelled to the UK. It’s bad enough that we were colonised by them, but having to be compared every now and then is just plain bogus wolokoso. I had to combine the two words for emphasis.

I love my parents but I think this UK business needs to come to an end, why, because even my waking up late has been blamed and compared to the UK. In the UK, people wake up early and go to work. Isn’t that what everyone else in the world with an early morning job does?

Why again? I usually don’t have breakfast which means I end up starving till lunch so here goes the Missus telling me, in the UK, people have containers. Now here is where I draw the line. The last time I carried a container with anything of any sorts was when I was in primary 3, and 15+ years later, in the UK has me carrying a container with bread or something for breakfast at work. I feel like I am in a nursery school.

But that’s not all. I earn miserly monies. Monies that barely get me through the day but I am appreciative nonetheless. SO when somebody says I save like people in the UK do, that is just crossing the line. What has the UK got to do with my salary? If it paid me well enough, maybe I would save like I am in the UK!

Now, don’t get me wrong. I also want to have the life my parents have gladly painted to me about the UK but The UK is not Uganda. The hustle is different. The weather is different. The dust levels are different. I can only strive to be like that but even the time zones disagree.

To all the people with the UK conundrum, PEACE!

I am out.


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