Monday blues. . .

I recently came across the Student’s Companion, a book I had last seen ages ago. It did draw back memories but alas, I now own a copy. Did you know, that a guy who writes/compiles dictionaries is called a Lexicographer?

I have nothing intelligent to write so, if you were looking for something awe inspiring then you might want to stop here and close the tab. But I guess you wont! Why? It’s in the English. It’s in the way these sentences are construed. It’s in the way the satire is being given to you. Simple, eloquent, like Arab satin. ย Moving ย along. . .

I’ve got the Monday blues. I don’t really know what this statement means but I know I have to write something with 500 words in it before I click send. Usually, it’s emotion that drives the content on this blog but today, I fail, you, me, and everyone who clicked on this link.

So, I am just going to write, better still, scribble what’s on my mind!

200 million shillings for a burial is something! Basically, like 50 cent would say, Get Rich or Die Trying. Someone just did that.

Twitter is boring. . .you know. There’s nothing exciting on there. I am just too tired to try and care.

You know what! I have hit 200 words, that’s it, I am out of here.

Peace Out.


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