The ‘i’ in Passion is in lower case because that’s where most of you are right now. . .

Passion, the fuel that keeps the heart beating
Passion, the drive that makes you want to wake up every morning
Passion, the juice of life
Passion, the fruit that contains answers to questions you seek
Passion, what it takes to compose something about Passion
Passion, what makes the blind love
Passion, the music and drums to your life’s soundtrack
Passion, what makes you give a fuck
Passion, what keeps the flame burning after the sex is done
Passion, what you call love making
Passion, what forces a mother to beat her child and hug them when she’s done
Passion, what drives you crazy when you are half way the journey
Passion, because the dictionary probably has a better explanation
Passion, the dreams you sell yourself

All you need in life is passion, a little of this, a little of that.
The poet in us, hidden behind the scars, the struggle to get to a place where you(we) want to be.

Keep the passIon!

The ‘I’ in passIon this time is intentional.


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