Paradigm Shifts

I’ve learnt over time that throwing big and complex words around like I just did makes for a more revering and interesting read. Again, just see what I did there. They may not have potent or have the required voux populi but at least, I have your attention for now. Suffice to say, please have a dictionary on your while you dispose of this little blog post.

There’s been a lot going through my mind. New music, movies, new series and yes, life in general.

I also discovered that my father is an avid reader of this blog. Yeah, trust me, I’ve thought about shutting it down but, you guys, yeah, the readers, move me. Yeah, I did it for you guys!

I’ve thought for a long time, like I am doing now, on writing an amazing blog post. One that that transcends the imaginative and into the ethereal but alas, I continuously fail myself. I sit there, stare at my computer, hoping that amazing things will randomly type themselves out then. . .nothing.

Like I was saying *I had just stepped out for a bit.*

I lit a sigiri yesterday. When was the last time you did that? You think I lie, well, here’s the proof.

Be a little patient. The image is still loading.

Lighting the Sigiri
Lighting the Sigiri

So, after I did that, I went to the kitchen and bored myself. Cutting and dicing things and placing them here and there.

And this is what happened! Again, just be a little patient.

Dinner is Served
Dinner is Served.

*I want to go all chef on you and say steamed rice with pan fried chicken served with stew and vegetables hoping that you understand what I just said.*

Then that happened. I know, I am an amazing cook. Or at least my mind says so.

Well, now, down to this paradigm shift.

I sat and stared through my window. . .

This one

Window shopping for Ideas
Window shopping for Ideas

Yeah. . .

I stared and stared.

Admired the beauty.

The chatter and chirping of the birds.

The clouds and their shapes.

Like children playing in the sand.

Time stood still. I know.

Beating to the drum of my heart beat.

I thought of a beauty

One we only had to really open our eyes to see.

For just a moment, I knew purpose. . .

and then I dozed off.

Anyway, long story short, enjoy my amateurish photography skills.



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