I have said this more than enough times, MUSIC is just awesome. And good music at that.

A few years ago, two or three or do you prefer I use numbers, 2-3 years ago, I came across Stromae in Alors On Danse and Te Quiero and now he’s finally released another electronic album which is OFF the chains.

It’s 00:11 and I am stuck in office thinking of a fancy story to write but blogcks or whatever it is amateur writers suffer from has me suffering from it. I’ve coined a couple of titles for some ‘interesting pieces’ I wanted to pen but have continuously failed. I even had to watch the Notebook to get inspiration but that wasn’t possible. I’ve been stuck, not because I don’t have what to write about but what to write about is quite limiting. Especially if it’s dry humour or satire or not trying to encroach on your emotional side.

There was;
‘2 Cups of Coffee and a Spoon’ inspired by ‘2 girls 1 cup’ which was a total fail. I was basically going to highlight the survival strategies on surviving on coffee the whole day at work when Karma decides to have a conversation with mother earth on the way you’ve been behaving inappropriately.

Paul Walker, gone tooooo soon.

I realised I sometimes get to and too wrong so I made it simple for me and added another ‘o’ to make it too. That way, I am never wrong or right because I am just exaggerating.

English is hard. However many times I proof read this or give it to some to proof read it, there will always be a typo.

Have you ever listened to a song so many times it becomes boring, like after 1 hour of downloading it. Yeah, that’s how crazy Stromae gets.

I’ve finally penned something down and end.

*Curtains close as light slowly fades*


I thought I’d make an awesome rapper so I decided to give it a go. I listened to Papaoutai and here goes!

Seated in the office contemplating my last plate of food
It’s getting dark and I’ve still not hit my day’s mark
My boss is all over my ass because he thinks he’s badass
I’ve got work to finish but I aint from Finland
Ground my fears and thoughts I need to get this done
On earth as it is in heaven
Vexed because this makes no sense as vex and make don’t rhyme
But this rhyme wont get me my dime at the end of the month
Today is just another day in this month
Because I need to drop this mic like it’s hot.




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