God’s Grace Orphanage!

These are just my humble opinions, watching from the side lines, seeing things unfold hoping I can one day pay for what I neglected.

GGO (God’s Grace Orphanage) started out as initiative by a lady called Mariah. Mariah used to go to church with a friend of mine Eve who was passionate about children and so humble her heart touched other fellas(Me inclusive). Mariah had started an orphanage, unlicensed, mostly due to the growing need and the struggle she kept seeing in her neighbourhood. Young children, mostly orphaned, living in a frugal manner.

With Eve’s backing, Mariah formalised and started GGO and decided that with her friends (Eve) she’d contribute 100k (UgShs) per month to contribute to the well being of the children. Mariah with the little she had was very grateful. To her, Eve was an angel sent from heaven. This continued for a while but with the economic situation, the personal funding was inconsistent and not enough most times but still, Eve and Mariah continued their struggle.

* * * *

Enter Eve’s over enthusiastic friends Jesse and Moses who were keen on seeing change they started a Xter campaign which promoted the main core values everyone sought to practise or tried to practise. They dreamed of seeing a better GGO with a sand pit for the children, proper beddings and sleeping quarters, a balanced diet, a BETTER life for the orphans.

Sometimes what Eve, Jesse and Moses did was so little but none the less worth a smile, meeting ever so often to plan how they were going to make this dream come true. GGO survived for sometime but as is common with human dreams and aspirations, the friends took heed to their true calling and silently, GGO deteriorated to what it used to be.

* * * *

Enter 40/40, a team of young youthful dreamers with a penny to give to charity ever so often it was a dream come true for GGO! An orphanage that had once had just 80 kids blossomed to 120 kids and by the end of the first 40/40 year it was hard to keep tabs. But with this explosion, and Mariah’s open heart, this was just the beginning of the downfall of GGO!

GGO which was licensed not as NGO but a CBO soon faced many problems mostly created by the same people who had come to help. The elite and their notions had forgotten Mariah’s vision and wished she take on their elitist dream. Mariah’s dream which was just to take care of the forgotten was being crashed by the Elitist’s dream of equality, expansion, growth whatever-the-elitist-think-they-are-doing-right which is never the real thing to Mariah.

Mariah, who’d set out to help the needy orphans, now had the elitist demanding that she listens to them because they were trying to help (which help was mostly financial). To the elitist, Mariah was just a stubborn woman who didn’t know what was best for her. Mariah who had kept her orphanage running Β for more than 7 years, with just miserly resources. Mariah who had been through the thick and thin with her little soldiers, was fighting a battle with people who had an assured meal the next day, a place to sleep, PARENTS. Mariah, whose dream was to see the next generation make it out alive was being called out for mistreating the very same people she’d sacrificed her life to save.

A police case was opened against her, accusing her of being unmerciful to the 2 month old who’d been dropped at her doorstep because she had a BIG heart. These elitist people went to the government to ask for advice on whether someone’s big heart was in the right place. She had been caring enough to look after orphans for seven years and they wanted to help fix it, apparently. You can’t fix something that isn’t broken now, can you!

The people who had come to ‘save’ her and her babies from suffering had piled heaps and heaps and heaps of problems on her. At the end of the day, from the elitist point of view, Mariah found herself breaking all sorts of;

Human rights codes – too many kids to care for as per required number of caretakers. Her heart was just not big enough!
Health codes – the living situation of the orphans were so absurd Ugandan jails looked better.
Public sanitation – the number of kids to the required toilets/bathrooms was never enough.
Living codes – hypothetically, it was illegal for her heart to care for such children without the government’s permission.

So these elitist young fellas, leave Mariah in a lot of bullshit and under their umbrella organisation, decide to move on to the next best thing! You know it, right?

Here are my answered questions?

Do these elitist think they’d made a difference?
No, 7 years is a lot to deal with and still come out on top. Mariah would have survived longer even without them!

Where are the 120 kids who appeared on Agataliko Nfuufu being bundled up on police trucks?
I need to know where my Hakim is!

Sometimes thinking you are doing right is never the right thing on the ground. Because you know it, doesn’t mean you understand it. Charity begins at home and if its NOT your home, don’t think, NEVER think you are making change in any way.

I see these elite smile, chant how they are making change, but I see 120 orphans who had lived together 7 years displaced, friendships lost, bonds broken because the elite knew what’s right. I see Mariah’s dream crushed, her hurt stamped and fed to the elitist vultures because having a university education makes you a better person.

Sometimes, leaving things as they are and not changing ‘for the better’ is all the change that is needed.

Hakim, one day, we shall meet. This is to you, your friends, we will definitely achieve our dream as GGO! This is a message to the elite, stay the FUCK away from shit you dont understand because you feel like you are making a difference.


Am done.

Be A Santa? Who needs it more?


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