Volti E Fantasmi – Ennio Morricone

Yesterday, after a long day’s work, I headed home so exhausted I could barely lift an eyelid to watch anything. As I lay there on my bed, my brother and his brother (my brothers) were engaged in a movie, The Best Offer and for some reason, my eyes were glued to the laptop. There was something captivating about this movie. I just couldn’t take my eyes off of it. There more I stared, the wider my eyes got.

It was a beautiful love story woven with strands of great directional vision. It was a movie unlike other movies. Every scene just increasing the anticipation. It evoked emotions once hidden away, of a certain patience unlike any other when you want to pursue the girl of your dreams. The calculating you do, the intentional mishaps you make with the idea that it will bring you even closer.

I watched and watched, and even when I felt I should skip to the ending, it felt like I was missing a very big important part of the movie. The build up to the very end, the story telling and to top it all off, the scoring. Great directors create movies that invoke an emotion best captured in the scoring and this, this just had the perfect melody to tie all this down together.

It’s a Italian/French based movie (foreign movie) and I loved every little bit of it. I recommended it to one of my workmates and when they were done with it, they just wanted to go home. Well, it was just 11:00am in the morning, work had just begun. The beauty about the movie is the secrets hidden behind and within every scene.

I had to pause for a moment, because it took me to a place, a place I hadn’t been to but longed for. It reminded me of all the little travelling I had done, and how far away from home I felt and wanted to be, where two opposing forces tagged at you, the need to go home, and the need to enjoy all the moments you are away from home. It reminded me of the sunset you had stopped to watch as the skies swallowed the big star. It reminded me of that hot and sunny day when you are midway your journey in a bus and anticipating what your destination would be like. It reminded me of Zanzibar and the Stone town. It reminded me of the Ethiopian hills and Lalibela. It reminded me of Dar es Salaam  and the thick moist air. It reminded me of that 6 hour flight you were on and where you kept going in and out of sleep but seemed not reach your destination. It took me places. To the old, and to the new.

And it will take you places. Just watch the damn movie.


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