Gay rights, right?

Gay rights, right?

He was naïve!
All we had fought for, gone, in a bit.
For just a packet of biscuits and box of juice?
How cheap could he be?
Maybe we needed to see it from his point of view.
Maybe, just maybe.
He’d slept with him.

Primary 5 was one of those classes!
We’d just made the big Ten O.
We felt that having lived a decade was something big.
But amidst us was one who had already hit the teen age.
Unlike most people, he liked boys, a lot.
Everyone knew it expect the teachers!

One day, he hit on my friend.
My friend confided in us.
Exasperated, disgusted, angered, Furious,
We told my friend to report him.
He was scared.
He was quite old and a bully.
And maybe the teachers wouldn’t believe him.
Angered, I told my teacher about it.
My teacher told me he’d take care of it.
I trusted him, seeing as he was a friend of the family. . .
But nothing happened.
We wondered why?

The school was playing in the finals of the De Lamenais cup
And he was the best goal keeper in the region
The School refused to anything about it
The school needed him in
We needed him out!

It was a sad day
I don’t know how they’d got to my friend
But he’d called his parents and was going home
They’d fucked him
They had fucked my friend.

Gay rights, right?

*Young kids are being sodomised in schools sponsored by the same people who claim that if we pass the anti-gay bill, they’ll quit aiding us. It’s sad. I am not for killing, jailing or even arresting them, but we need to draw the line.