Word to the Wise!

So, we are done with the first month of 2014, and now the time starts to fly. Tomorrow shall be yesterday today. A couple of friends finally graduated from Architecture school at last. Scary but that journey is finally complete.

I’ve learnt a lot from this discipline and I am pretty sure it eventually applies to all life as we know it.

1. Never stop learning.

In design school, the moment you stop learning is also the moment you stop progressing. Similar principle applies to life. The moment we stop expounding on our knowledge is also the moment we stop progressing.

2. You win some. You lose some.

Design school is a series of presentations which eventually prepare you for the final presentation. If you don’t fail at a certain stage, then surely you shouldn’t be confident at the final presentation because you don’t want something you missed at a vital stage coming up. Always prepare, but in school, like in life, you win some, you lose some. Just don’t lose the biggest.

3. Presentation is everything.

We spend sleepless nights and days in school preparing for that one presentation because that is everything at that particular moment. My advice is that, spend sleepless nights and days preparing for all your presentations in life, or simply put, effort is directly proportionally to your rewards.

4. Less is more.

One of my favourite aphorisms from Mies Van De Rohe. Like a cook who presents the final meal, no one really knows what effort goes into preparing that final meal. Less is more doesn’t me you do less and you have more, it simply means that at the end of day, less is more. Simple is complex. Easy is hard. You get my drift. Use the cook analogy.

5. Let brick be a brick.

Louis Kahn once said let brick be a brick. If brick wants to be a brick, don’t make him anything other than brick. Be yourself. You never realise your full potential if your trying to be someone else. Also, I don’t need to say more.

6. Less is a bore.

The irony after saying less is more. I know. Again, one of my favourite aphorisms. Less is a bore was coined by Robert Venturi also one of the front runners of post modernism. Yes, less is a bore. It’s like music, you can’t just limit yourself to a particular genre. Life is eclectic and that’s what makes it interesting. Sample life. Sample life.

7. It’s your life, right.

Well, that’s what we all say. It is my life. But your life creates ripple effects you even some times don’t even know or realise. So, good luck with your life.


I am out.


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