Pretty Hurts

When the ocean finally settled and the calm took over, I finally listened to Beyonce’s album. Yes, there was toooooo much hype about it. Excited, tears shed, not mine, I finally got a copy. Its a nice album. The first song gets you going. . .and you just keep going and before you know it, you are gone.

Listening to it, its amazing what comes out of this woman’s mouth. The sexuality in the music is at an all time its hard to believe Jay Z has got this shit under control. But I’ll take a leaf from this power couple. Apart from their music, I know little to nothing about their life that they either have told us, showed us or we have been privy to. I have googled endless times for Beyonce’s nudes and I have got nothing. Even the nip slip was hard to find on line. I am not sharing, I swore to Jay Z.

But maybe that’s what works. If people could just keep quiet about who or what they are dating and just went on about their business like nothing mattered. Why do we think that we change, should change or are changeable because we are in a relationship. I have one of the noisiest friends until the girlfriend walks into the room. All of a sudden, all you can make out are whispers from them.

The point is, listening to Beyonce, and all that sexuality going on, all that matters to her is her man. All that nastiness in the songs, the lyrics is all for her man. You gotta love a woman who is willing to share with you all that she does and is doing for her man. Only her man. Yes, I envy that, and most definitely want that in my woman.

All I am saying is, I want my own Beyonce.