Move in the right direction.

A few days ago as I returned from the village, I decided to play a little game. It was simple, identify and write down the weirdest names people give their places or something a long those lines. 2 minutes into the game, I had four names;

1. Plus 2 High School
2. Relax Resort
3. Vine High School
4. Good Life Β Herbal Clinic

And with this, I was already bored with game.

Listening to a poem today from youtube, an amazing one at that, and seeing as I recently celebrated my birthday, I have basically had a change within me, a move in the right direction. It is amazing what can happen if you just stop for a second, and grasp that moment, in that moment to catch that one glimpse.

It’s a crazy round world. Even deep down in the throngs of the village where the wind howls like the rain, I managed to find someone I knew from the city.

So, just stop and stare, think, enjoy this moment. Here’s a couple of things that should get your mind going or get my mind going.

What am I listening to? Move in the right direction – Gossip. This song has and gets me going these days.
What movie did I last watch? Spiderman 2. I almost cried but it was not Mary Jane.

I actually haven’t sat down to compose something interesting and nice. This was a spur of the moment kind of thing. That being said, Spurs played an amazing game last night. Impressive what old age does.

Spiderman 2, Gwen Stacy’s poem at the beginning. This is what if feels like, a spur of the moment. We are so caught up with living and leaving sometimes the moments pass us by and before we know it, we are old, frail and want to do what we should have done earlier in life.Β 

Just listen to Move in the right direction by Gossip. Maybe tomorrow shall be an amazing day for you too.




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