Weddings in the 80s

Cue Kenny Rogers. . .

And the tantatala walking down the aisle song. . .

It was an amazing weekend this one. I met quite a few exciting people, but while we were having a conversation, something picked my interest.

Weddings in the 80s.

I recently was at a wedding meeting and looked at the budget. I was over whelmed by both the expenses and how much of the expenses was covered. This nice lady iterated that on her wedding (weddings are traditionally her thing, and not his), she served beer, and people were beyond amazed. And this was in 1987. In fact, let’s break it down;

1. The People.

On her wedding, she invited at most 100 people. And according to her, these were to many. Weddings these days have an average number of 400-500 people. I’ve been to weddings where I was invited and I barely met the bride and groom on that very day. Some times the groom/bride might even accuse you of missing their big day because, there’s just to many people you might not notice the important ones.

2. The Food

I laughed hard at this. They used to serve cakes, samosas, g.nuts and popcorn on weddings and this was the main dish. You were revered and respected if you served anything else. When she served roasted meat at her wedding, people were astonished. These days, its trays of food. Some people even attend weddings just to eat food. It’s quite absurd but some people actually miss food on weddings. Back in the day, the brown paper bags of popcorn were always more than enough.

3. Drinks.

In the 80s, it was soda. Soda was the champagne of today. It was rarely served and people always came to drink soda. On a one off, there was beer. But you needed to know somebody who knew somebody in the brewery if you wanted the best deal. Now, well, there’s always several options.

4. The Budget.

Weddings back in the 80s didn’t have budgets. They didn’t need budgets. The only budgeted for thing was the bride and groom’s clothing inclusive of the entourage. The rest, the rest was people coming together and offering to give the little that they had. Someone promised to bring the drinks. Someone promised to cook the popcorn. Another offered to make the g.nuts. It was amazing how people came together to make this one day special. There never was never an extravagant budget but extravagant hearts willing to help with the little the can.

5. The reception.

It was always simple, she iterated. They didn’t need tents, plastic chairs, tables or whatever it is people do these days. The music was provided by a neighbour who had the latest music system. Chicco and Chaka Chaka Yvonne were the musicians of that time, and people danced and celebrated away, the whole night, happy that a couple had finally made the next step of their lives.

How were weddings this simple and stress free? Its amazing what friendships meant back in the day.

Nowadays? Hahaha. Its a far cry from what it used to be.

I hope my wedding is like what it used to be in the 80s. Simple and based on friendships.


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