Public Transport

*Deep breath

*Hold it in


After doing this for several times, your temple is now sweaty and now you are fidgety. You try getting your handkerchief but to no avail. You are crumbled and squeezed within this taxi moving around is not your biggest issue, comfort is. For someone over 6 ft, this is my biggest challenge.

You can say that I am not yet at that point in my life where I can own my own vehicle so I have to make do with public transport almost every time of every day. I’ve used taxis and boda bodas for so long that these are my experiences all summed up.

1. The passenger who seats next to a window but will never open it. You know these people. I hate them. I fucking HATE them. The car is burning up, there’s barely any oxygen in the taxi, and the tool is busy closing the window. On the occasion that they open it, they just slightly do it enough for just themselves. If you are not going to open the window, why the bloody hell do you sit next to one? Argh! The worst is when you are stuffed like chicken, pun intended, in the middle, and the windows are all closed on both sides and you have to then raise your head like you are trying to avoid drowning.

2. With reference to the above, I hate taxis whose windows just don’t open because the rust and dust has taken over. Why? And then there’s the tout who always want to shut his window.

3. Passengers who want to seat by the door in the very front seat. When you try to get that seat, they walk out of the taxi and urge you to enter. Why? Sometimes I feel like sucker punching them but then there’s no law that supports it. Maybe our government should come up with some sensible laws like these.

4. The taxi tout/”conductor” who delays to give/return your change. One fella once threw money at me, whichย wasn’t even the whole amount (balance) and then disappeared. If it wasn’t for my short term memory loss, well, we need the sucker punching law enacted.

5. You know how you can never pick out which passengers should enter the taxi? I’ve sat next to dirty mechanics, plumbers, construction workers it just irks me but again, there’s nothing I can do. Just look like a zombie for the whole trip.

6. There’s the occasional boda boda cyclist whose jacket might cause the apocalypse. You sit on the bike and 3 seconds into theย ride, you wince at the stench.

7. This sucker punching law should also apply to people who are in the 1. category. I just can’t.

But you know what, the experiences most times are surreal, beyond and sometimes, life changing and opening. Until I get my own vehicle, I will stick to my filthy seats, broken chairs, dusty cover, squeaky metals and not enough room for my long legs public means.



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