Relationships Are FREAKING Hard!

Hey, come on, this shouldn’t surprise you? You’ve been in and out of one. You know what it takes to keep one. You definitely know what it takes to get out of one. Cheating. Cheating. Cheating. Why do people cheat? Isn’t the work and effort you put in a relationship even worth the pride and stake you put in it? For crying out loud, we are adults and not children. Here’s statements I’ve heard and these are my sentiments. “I am sorry I cheated on you. It was an accident.” HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Really? So someone was in an accident and you decided to sleep with them? We they that hurt? Fact of the matter is, you sound like you enjoyed this accident. Its just that this accident made you realise you had lost, not your limbs, or life but yourself. Now you can’t undo it. I am sorry but if I ever had this as an excuse, bless my soul but someone will definitely meet their creator. Kidding, I mean, their parents, not. Cheating is a conscious decision you make. Come on, grow up a little, talk to your partner about how you feel, and why you feel that way, or think you do feel that way. People who cheat are weak, and undeserving of anyone who puts up with them. Just don’t cheat, however tempted, tempting it is but most of all, don’t create chances for you to fucking cheat. Just don’t. The best feeling is getting out of a situation that would comprise you, your relationship and your mind, trust me. “They are not what they used to be!” Hey, come on. Are you freaking kidding me? You have changed too. Don’t think you are still the same funny guy who’d do anything for her! You’ve grown. Situations have tested you, you change for fuck’s sake. You can’t blame someone for changing and not think you yourself haven’t. “Because they cheated on me!” HAHAHAHA. How stupid can you get? All I can say is this, “If we used an eye for an eye then we would all be blind! – Gandhi! Remember this, call it hubris or whatever, but always be the better person. Always. Cheating is easy. Way to easy. Temptation is also easy. Relationships on the other hand, are freaking hard.To keep one, to make it last, takes a lot of hard work but most of all, you need to grow up. Don’t cheat. End the relationship. You can’t have both. But most of all, remember, remember the effort you made, put it in, in convincing this one person that you’ll be everything. Remember how it made you feel. And you are fucking doing it wrong if this remembrance goes back a whole year! It should be yesterday’s smile, fool. I think people in relationships are foolish and sometimes, its freaking good to be foolish. And to all those cheating and coming up with all sorts of excuses, good luck. You make your karma. Peace. Out.


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