Have you watched Lucy? No?

Lucy has been one of those movies I patiently waited for to see in the cinema this year. After watching and re-watching the preview, I wanted to see what it would turn out to be and I wasn’t disappointed. I met a friend at the cinema that day who was also going to watch the same movie and amidst the conversation, I stated that the movie’s concept ended in her being obsolete or rather omnipotent.

And that exactly happened.

I am at that stage in life where the thirst for knowledge and the time to actually acquire that knowledge are two mutually exclusive elements, a dualism that has left me with nothing but emptiness. I can barely read a book (Cassandra’s Compact by Robert Ludlum) mostly because I don’t have the time. I have had this novel for 6 weeks now and the 300 paged book which could have taken a day or two, has just been in my back pack.

Today, whilst heading to work early in the morning, I started to hum my nursery school rhyme. I don’t even know how the words came to me but their placement felt natural, felt like that’s how I had sung it over 20+ years ago. I was amazed but also continue to question how that is possible and watching Lucy a week ago has helped me rather understand and question the potential capability of the brain.

There was the notion that Einstein used up to 13% and we considered that genius, so what would happen if we could just push the basic 10% to a near 11%? Two or three years ago, my brain activity/capacity was at all time high, my language, inference to elements, understanding and perceiving of somethings was beyond me but of late, I can barely think through a conversation. There’s definitely been a compensation from the usual cognitive and daily thought process and from the usual banter to focus of elements of passion and desire, where I am at 100% when it comes to architecture (my profession) and a mere 80% or less to things other than architecture.

I think the brain is an amazing element. Its potential is beyond us and my quest is in trying to unlock some of these mysteries. But the daily hustles and norms cannot fully permit such. I worry about my job, money, relationships, family and business and whatever little time I have to ponder about the capabilities of my brain is non existent but then, I also realize that for me to be able to do this, is also amazing. Maybe unlocking the secrets of the brain is not the key to happiness.

But I was excited about watching Lucy. I wasn’t disappointed in the graphics or the script or even the layering of the story, albeit I felt I needed more at the end of the movie.

And as I left the cinema, I couldn’t help but tell my friend, “I told you so!”


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