I worry about the state of affairs in the world.
Ebola in the west, ISIS in the east,
Economic depression in the north and the ice polar caps melting in the south.
We could sit down and discuss the dystopia the world is right now,
and how we are at the brink of evolution.
But where we really are is devolution!
We’ve stopped building civilizations and have resorted to tearing them apart.
We have turned to consumerism and forgotten about production of any kind.
We are now more worried about where the next dollar is going to come from,
Rather than what the sunrise or sunset looked like.
We’ve put aside the notion of natural and have turned to artificial.
Artificially grown is what is written on every box of food being sold out there.
We have turned to the mechanization of the human race, and the humanization of the mechanical race.
We’ve lost what’s human about us and have transferred it to inanimate objects.
The 24 hour day is now a blur. Time is slowly eluding us and before you know it, we shall have devolved into



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