I hate it when people claim that they were the first to listen to a certain song.

I hate it when people think that the song playing on the radio must be the best song on the album.

I hate people who just listen to radio waiting for the latest hits.

I hate people who claim to be experts in particular genres.

I hate people who flaunt that they’ve listened to the newest songs.

I hate when people ask if you like a particular artist.

I hate people who think their music is deep.

I hate people who hate you for trying to associate with a particular genre because its ‘theirs!’

I like that I take time to listen to any kind of music, and I struggle sometimes, just hoping that the album could surprise me.

I like lots of genres, but I am more attune with rap/hiphop/techno/rock/alternative/edm/rnb.

I prefer to listen to a whole album.

I sometimes skip songs I find boring on an album.

I don’t care much to the lyrics. I like the sound and you’ve caught my attention.

I like sound because it is easy to figure out the undertones.

I like techno/edm because of the original Jabba.

I like watching movies/series for their soundtracks.

I think most of my playlists are from soundtracks of movies or series I watch.

I sometimes download the whole album/or a bunch of songs if the soundtrack is amazing.

I have the weirdest (I hate using this word because it seems to make people special or something) playlist.

I like my playlist because it sounds a lot like I am watching a scene from a movie or a serie.

I play/listen to music according to my mood.

I can’t do without my earphones.

I think the fastest and most replaced item in my music life are earphones. It is the first thing I put in my pockets.

I sometimes play albums while working because if it is a nice song, it will definitely catch my attention.

I try to listen to all genres. For me, it has always been about sound.

Music is just that. Beautiful and eclectic.


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