Keeping Up With The Kardashians

I am rather fascinated at the religiousness with which this show is watched at home. Puzzled in fact at how my mother begs us to set the timer for it. I tried asking her why, but well, I am not ready to keep up with a kardashian. ย My mother has been more than fascinated by these people’s stories she watches it like a devotee catholic going to church over the Easter weekend. She’s not abashed by the ideas of their worldly lifestyle orย the danger they pause to world peace. Anyway, long story short, she’s still going to watch it, whether we like it or not.

Every day, when I wake up, I ask myself, isn’t there a simpler way to make something out of this life. Can’t we be paid for just thinking about the things we are employed to do without actually doing them? Why should we struggle to live a life we shall eventually question having lived when our time finally comes. The fore sight for this being that whatever we work for is just a legacy, a legacy you hope will continue to exist. But any ways, the kardashians have found the magic in being paid to do nothing literally. Fight, gossip, cry, cry, cry some more and voilร , the family pulls in an amazing $100 million at the end of the year. Whilst, I sit on my laptop, day in, day out, scribbling, sketching, reporting and still very broke.

I have a dream. I need to be on the Forbes list at some point in my life, and rather sooner than later because I do want to enjoy my money whilst I still have the mental capacity to. Which is also quite surprising, because there’s literally no black man in the Top 50 richest people in the world and if we take the black women who have graced that list, they have done it in showbiz. So how’s a mere me supposed to get on to that list? Can I really keep up with the kardashians.

In all truth, when you remove the gossip, the crying and the silliness, these kardashians have built an empire by fooling the world of their inherent existence and maybe too I should focus on fooling the world of mine. I mean, if you can’t be it, fake it till you make it. My struggle continues, and hopefully, I will have that number on the forbes list and whence I do, I shall be called by that number. Trust me, it should be worth it. The sleepless nights, the tireless man hours and finally, maybe my mother shall keep up with that lifestyle she so desires.

Remember when we were young and watched Dexter’s Lab and wished we had an underground lab, minus the nagging sister, well, it’s time I woke up from that dream and …

What? Is she for real? Fuck Kim! I hate Keeping Up With The Kardashians but I must one day be on the Forbes list.


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