Side Dishes

Who goes to a restaurant to order a side dish? Do you?

There’s this term young girls have coined to rather simplify the notion of adultery and fornication it irritates me every time I hear it uttered. “Oh, I am his side dish!” And then she goes on to elaborate how the wife was attacking her but it is not her fault the man likes her and what she brings to the relationship and to top if off, she’s gallivanting about the numerous places she’s been to and the amazing things she’s gotten from the man. Oh how I fucking hate side dishes.

This new species has taken our society by storm, and the worst part is, they are proud. They claim they are a valid contribution to our society (I really wonder how) and that without them, marriage would be boring. WHAT THE FUCK! Marriage boring? Since when? Who grew you? You know the famous adage that I think I might have just coined “Only playas get daughters”, well, I think that the side dish eventually gets what’d coming their way.

It pains my ears to hear a lady brag about her linen, very dirty linen, of how she spent the weekend with a married man and how he promised to leave his wife for her. Oh Jesus. She even has the courtesy to go to church. I hate to judge, but if you even find this concept even slightly acceptable or even excusable, then go fuck a tree or something.

And the fucking men who have side dishes, what the hell are you thinking? Is it that hard to keep it in your pants? Were you that dumb when you married that gorgeous lady. Promised her the world. Gave her children. Gave her a house. Made her believe in happily ever after. What were you thinking then that has got you straying like a caged dog? It is absurd when a 50 year old man goes out with her daughter (side dish) and promises whatever he promises.

Humans are weak. If you even think for once you can disassociate sex and emotions then go get checked machine. And if its about sex, oh well, what got you attracted to your wife in the first place. There shouldn’t be excuses in marriage for cheating. You work at them. This young generation that was born in the 80s should learn from their parents who are still together. The importance of stability. Grow up people. If it is not working out, end it. Start afresh. Still, spice shit up, take a trip, renew your vows, go get counselling. Twakowa ba guy who claim that the sex is boring, ati she’s boring in bed. For fucks sake, what did you get into? She changed? And you didn’t?

Oh well, I am all for the main dish. The side dishes are the exes that you should be done with. In fact, I am in for the main course, be it a three, four or five meal course and she should be all that. Make it count. Otherwise, your children will bring that old flame you were side dishing with as their baby daddy to your wedding day.



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