I am not 24!

Hey, I am not complaining here. Take a chill pill. Kick back, relax a little, and let me fucking explain. Excuse my french, but I need to demystify.

About two months or so ago, as I was hanging around the bar, I started a conversation with my ex or not ex girlfriend. We never really got to the dating part so I am not sure I can call her that. It pretty much ended before it even started. Whilst I am talking to her, she implies that she’s dating an older man, and I then proceed to ‘analyse’ the situation for her and why she’s not exactly happy.

Older men never really sympathise with young ladies/women mostly because they see no reason as to why they should do it. They can find another and so these ladies are put in a rather complicated situation where they almost have no say in the relationship because he’s bossy and has not time to waste and thus…blah blah blah. This is not supposed to be what I am talking about.

Anyway, amidst the conversation, we go to the whole why we never really dated and she said that I was young. And puzzled, I wondered how young she thought I was. She said 24! Hahahahahahahahahahahaha. I most definitely burst out laughing. 24? That’s ions of years ago. I was 24 not so long ago but a long time ago. And amused, she wonders how old I am, and I do tell her my age. Perplexed, she also bursts out laughing with the subliminal notion that she would have paid more attention. She muses at how she thought I was the same age as my young brother. We have a good laugh and go our separate ways.

Not so long ago, in a whatsapp conversation I was having, a friend asks how old I am. I decline with the notion that she should guess, and she says 24. Hey, I know its 2014 but hahahahahaha, I also burst out laughing in text. Really? 24, again? I muse and tell her I am definitely much older than that.

Again, not so long ago, at friends, birthday, I WAS CALLED 24!

Hey, I AM NOT 24. I once was, don’t wish I am now, as I have grown and rather added some knowledge and prosperity but unlike most ladies, I don’t like to be called young.

Was 24 significant? I am not sure! I hope it may be.

But hey, I was 24 almost 3 years ago.


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