80% and loading. . . .

A couple of years ago, around 2009, I came across this amazing blog whilst still trying to figure out what exactly I was doing at the University. I was amazed at how someone had sequentially shared their ‘hustle’ and because I didn’t know the blogger, I followed. He had set out at the beginning of the year to make a certain amount of money in savings and he was basically sharing his chronicles. I read and tried to follow. He’d set out to make 66 million shillings which was about $30,000 within that time. Inspired 5 years later, I set out to do the same thing this year. Make 66 million shillings, Ugandan, by the end of this year. Guess what? I have 0 (zero) of that 66 million shillings currently and November has pretty much come to an end. Well, I still have December and I am hoping, just patiently bidding my time that when 31st comes, I am on my way to Zanzibar. Well, Zanzibar is the ultimate reward for this journey when I finally get the 66!

At the beginning of this year, I resigned from my job, looking for not so greener pastures. I quit my job with 0 savings or earnings. I was flat broke. My parents were up in arms when I told them I wanted to take this journey, this path, that ideally has/had 5 things on a to do list with a subliminal 6th, which was already guaranteed from the start.

On my list, I wanted to open and run a restaurant, which I have done and are doing. This restaurant itself is a chapter in my future autobiography. On that list was to make 66 million. On that list was to start a company and everything it entails. Well, on the list of 5 things, I am at 78%, and almost completing this list hopefully before Christmas. I forgot to add a few things on this list which was HAPPINESS!

Like the hustle chronicles, I have had to hustle. I have had to sleep in the dingiest of motels in towns far far away. I have had to swallow deworming tablets. I have spent countless sleepless nights. I have taken the night bus, more than 5 or 6 times now. I have learnt the importance of savings even with 0 savings. I have learnt that if it pays you, you shouldn’t even think twice about doing it. Just do it. I have learnt to say NO. Sometimes you can’t do everything. Sometimes you have to let go of the small things and focus on the main thing. I have learnt what I value most in life. I have learnt that the office desk is the shittiest place to be. I have quit two jobs this year (People are just looking for their first). One was more than amazing but sometimes, you’ve got to let foolishness take over. I mean, I once travelled for a straight 20 hours!

I have learnt that the human spirit and will is something that cannot be messed with. I have learnt to be confident and trust in myself. I have learnt that age only counts as age. You are never too old or too young to do anything. Just do it. I have learnt that being involved in everything is the quickest way to gain experience. Again, just do it. I have learnt that what really counts is second impressions. The first is not always a guarantee. I have learnt the value of money. I have learnt that being broke is at most times an amazing feeling. I have learnt that your plans are never straight forward. I have learnt to travel light. Always travel light.

I am broke. I mean, my account has minimum balance or something but I am hopeful. I no longer see value in spending on something that is not in anyway going to make me more money is really stupid. I am grateful for the many lessons I have learnt, and I am ready now, ready for the year of 2015, the year of 27.

And that’s my time folks, I have the 22% to look for.


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