And the year finally closes with just one thing left to tick off my list. Well, it’s not yet over, and I am also not giving up. 2014 has been by far my dumbest and most outrageous year; from quitting my job twice (not the same one) to starting my own company, to finding my inner self, to finding my spiritual self, to finding that not all relationships are doomed and most importantly, understanding what constant we(I) have in life.


We seldom appreciate this thing called time and it’s not until you try to grasp it that you start to realise there’s not enough of it.

2014 has been good to me. The experiences I take going forward are low and behold AMAZING, writing them is somewhat impossible to do. For once, I am actually speechless. I mean, the list is way to freaking long, but most of all, the title of CEO of a small company is something I don’t take lightly. I know, we are a small company but hey, we have pushed the realm here and we continue to push.

2014 has seen me mature albeit my refusal to, to a mild mannered and subtly aggressive businessman. Hey, you want something go for it.

2014 has taught me that money is not everything. Resources are everything.

2014 has taught me that I need to align myself with people who are going to push me forward.

2014 has taught me that prayer is very important. You don’t have to be a pro or even good at it, you might not even believe it but know, it’s one thing you can do whenever you feel nothing’s going right. I find prayer more calming and soothing. And no, there’s no specific magical prayer that you need to say, speak from the heart.

2014 has taught me to be confident. Hey, they do not teach this stuff anywhere. I’ve walked into business meetings and had to look and talk the part. Trust me!

2014 has taught me to manage my time.

2014 has taught me that we don’t even have time. I mean, we just started the year yesterday.

2014 has taught me to be patient. Hey, you can’t get everything done in one day, at one go.

2014 has taught me to appreciate disappointment. Be it from within or without.

2014 has taught me to make tough decisions. If you can’t do it, don’t do it. If you can, do. Basically, don’t take on any task you are not going to see through.

2014 has taught me that you cannot and will not do everything you want to do because you think you can do. Leave some for tomorrow, and the next day.

2014 has taught me to appreciate resources, especially people and money. Never take the two for granted.

2014 has still not taught me how to save. I know the value of money. Trust me. But my bank account will testify to this. Hahahaha.

2014, men, I think I  have run out of stuff to write. I might be digressing even now, but just know this, 2014 has been that, 2014. A great year, a great couple of months, a great couple of weeks, days, hours, minutes, seconds…name it.

As I finally put key board to monitor to write down probably the last post of this year, and set myself for 2015, here’s the to do list for 2015;

Do my best. Be my best.

If there’s one thing I can take from 2014 is that, I did, sometimes good, sometimes bad. I most especially hoped for the best and as the year ends, I realise one thing, all I have to going forward is to be the best. Nothing more, nothing less. Simply put, we are going to run this town.


Peace. And a Happy New Year.