No, not you!

I am a big user of social media from facebook, to twitter, to wordpress to just name it. Does whatsapp count? I’ve recently been troubled by people’s brazenness and willingness to share parts of themselves that I’d consider private. It is so bad, a wife recently exposed an adulterer on facebook for sending her husband nude/exclusive photos of her privates.

When I had just joined facebook, oh the magic I felt I wielded. From sharing with people what my family was up to, to photos of drunken stupors, I just posted. But I have learnt, the more you share in this ‘free’ world, the more you are at risk for a lot crap. I am not here to appeal to you, but I mean, with all these social media platforms, it would be wise to be a little anti-social.

The interesting thing is, you can choose whatever you want, whoever you want to be on social media platforms but you choose to be yourself? Scary?

Oh well, all I am saying is OMNIPRESENCE. Be there. Be on. But be a mystery.