7 Years

Final Project
Final Project

So I randomly checked my wordpress today only to find that it is my 7th year anniversary since I opened this blog. I am beyond ecstatic that I have managed to come this far. And we all know what 7 implies, only good things are yet to happen or are in the process of happening.

That above post is my final project. It’s been close to 2 years since I presented that and after 2 failed jobs, I decided to rather employ myself. Obliviously this has been met with angst and frustration, which is acceptable from my old folk. They’ve worked all their lives and see no reason as to why I should employ myself yet I can be employed all in the name of having a stable job.

And I intend to prove them wrong. I set out this year like a man ready to jump on the first spaceship to the moon and even with frustration daily, I am barely hanging in there. My first job taught me that I should never underestimate my worth and when I got my second job, I realised that there’s more to work, and that’s ambition. I decided to go for it. I knew what it was that I wanted but hadn’t defined it. I run myself broke pushing a restaurant in Mukono (oh the mathematics of running a restaurant) and now, I am here. Back to my roots. Back to my architecture.

At the beginning of the year, I told myself that this was my year. I felt it in the bone. I am just hoping I don’t prove myself wrong. At least one thing’s for sure, I am done writing bad/incoherent posts. I want to one day just print out all these posts and hope that they are able to define what I believe and stand for, but also share with you my experiences, hopefully making your day in the process.

So, here’s a toast to 7 years of blogging, and to more years, but most especially, to my year of awesomeness.

PS; I am not going to promise you much, but I will endeavour to post as much. My only challenge is I sometimes digress to what I love, architecture, and I am afraid that I might bore the living lights out of you. But please, bare with me.

To 7 years of blogging.

The Legend of Maximus

Maximus sounds Greek, right? Or even mathematical! Yeah, it sounds more mathematical. I at least met this legend. I have interacted with this legend. This legend needs no introduction, needs no background story. This legend is just that, great.

Maximus had joined the SMACK fraternity the way brilliant students do, excelling. He had got 4 in 4 at his primary leaving examinations (PLE) and now, he was at the great college. Maximus was a small but very intelligent fellow. Rarely followed the norm (bullying) and didn’t care much for sports.

Maximus’ legendary-ness doesn’t start until he gets 8 in 8 at UCE and he comes back to the great college. We know he’s brilliant, but what makes him a legend? In his senior 5, Maximus was teaching the additional maths class of senior 3. But this did not stop there, he was teaching his senior 5 class pure mathematics. Does this sound like legendary to you? No? Not yet?

Some say that he finished the Pure Math 1 text book in his senior 4 and even managed to find 2 mistakes. I wasn’t there to find out but well, some say he did. If that’s not all, he was doing Pure Maths 2 in his senior 5, which his classmates would eventually do in senior 6. Still not there?

Maximus’ excellence is imbued in the history at SMACK as the most number of consecutive 25 points a student has got in his HSC or Higher Level. Maximus was so brilliant all you were left to do was be amazed. And he did all this whilst doing PCM! Or was it PEM? Must have been PCM!

I feel like I am doing him injustice here but he got a first class in Electrical Engineering and some say he was lecturing first years in his first year at the college. I shall stop here for some people’s greatness and legendary-ness shouldn’t be spoilt by praises of mere mortals.

The Legend of Ssemakade

Every school has its folklore deeply imbued in what it perceives as culture and around the time I joined SMACK, there was a story that had everyone so inspired. Back in the day, Primary 7 results came out in late March and school started around April, and for Senior 5s, those started in second term of the academic year.

One mysterious Wednesday while in first term of my senior 1, a one R-Squared (pseudonym) walked into 1D and preached triple S, The SMACK Spirit of Solidarity and for one whole hour, he went on about how we were not supposed to ‘snake’ or we would be considered outcasts and how if you had the ‘Spirit’, you would be considered great. And for that 1 hour, we all believed, we had joined the solidarity. Also around that time, Senior 5 results had just been released and a one Ssemakade was among the best, 8 in 8 and in the papers.

As we celebrated, hoping to emulate triple SSS, the R Squared decided to share with us the legend of Ssemakade.

Ssemakade had come from an unknown background, where legends usually come from. He had got 4 in 4 in his primary leaving examinations (PLE) and was admitted to the legendary school. Here, a quiet and subdued fella found his place. Very eloquent and stubborn, he got into lots and all sorts of trouble, but he also performed excellently in class it was just hard not to be amazed.

For 4 years Ssemakade was among the crème de la crème. But that doesn’t make you legend. This does not engrave your name in the history of legends. This doesn’t make you anything; I mean, you are in the crème of the crème already.

In his senior 4, third term of the academic year, 3 weeks before the final UCE exams Ssemakade is expelled. Why? He had slept in for morning prep, and as morning was compulsory, the quadrangle keepers had come to wake him up and he had refused. But he then decided to go to class after much persuasion. He had then found the ‘quadi’ (quadrangle) gate locked and he broke it while the teacher was watching, and he uttered something along the lines of ‘I am going to read. I need to be in the papers!’ This infuriated the teacher who went straight for the H/Ms office and Ssemakade was sent home. Apparently, this was not his first time breaking the gate.

As Ssemakade left school, he told the then H/M Brother Bukenya, ‘Buki’ that he was going to be in the newspapers as the best student, and that he will be back, at which Buki laughed at him.

Anyway, Ssemakade did UCE papers and was in the papers among the best. Talk about having the last laugh. But again, this is not what makes legends LEGENDS.

After this story, everyone wanted to know who this mysterious Ssemakade was and lo and behold, we meet him when he joins us in the second term.

Ssemakade was quite laid back for someone given a lot of praise. He had picked PCM/French in his Senior 5, which was no surprise, and he excelled, but in his senior 6, he decided to change and do PEM/French. This was never heard of. Change combination? How? But Ssemakade claimed that he would manage. And he did. He excelled. What was this guy made of? He averaged 23 points in his senior 6, after changing combinations. Who does that?

Anyway, Ssemakade sat his UACE and got 23 points. This time, no breaking gates, just being his usual calm awesomeness. Last I heard, he’s a silent but prominent lawyer, running a firm.

I think I have only done injustice to this story, but trust me, for those who have heard, know. They know.

Maybe next time I shall share the Legend of Maximus.