The Legend of Maximus

Maximus sounds Greek, right? Or even mathematical! Yeah, it sounds more mathematical. I at least met this legend. I have interacted with this legend. This legend needs no introduction, needs no background story. This legend is just that, great.

Maximus had joined the SMACK fraternity the way brilliant students do, excelling. He had got 4 in 4 at his primary leaving examinations (PLE) and now, he was at the great college. Maximus was a small but very intelligent fellow. Rarely followed the norm (bullying) and didn’t care much for sports.

Maximus’ legendary-ness doesn’t start until he gets 8 in 8 at UCE and he comes back to the great college. We know he’s brilliant, but what makes him a legend? In his senior 5, Maximus was teaching the additional maths class of senior 3. But this did not stop there, he was teaching his senior 5 class pure mathematics. Does this sound like legendary to you? No? Not yet?

Some say that he finished the Pure Math 1 text book in his senior 4 and even managed to find 2 mistakes. I wasn’t there to find out but well, some say he did. If that’s not all, he was doing Pure Maths 2 in his senior 5, which his classmates would eventually do in senior 6. Still not there?

Maximus’ excellence is imbued in the history at SMACK as the most number of consecutive 25 points a student has got in his HSC or Higher Level. Maximus was so brilliant all you were left to do was be amazed. And he did all this whilst doing PCM! Or was it PEM? Must have been PCM!

I feel like I am doing him injustice here but he got a first class in Electrical Engineering and some say he was lecturing first years in his first year at the college. I shall stop here for some people’s greatness and legendary-ness shouldn’t be spoilt by praises of mere mortals.

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