The Ugandan Way

I had to take a very long and deep breath before mastering the energy to write this. I want to vent so bad that it will take away that Mother’s Day and My Mother’s day are on almost the same day. Yeah, today is my Mother’s Day and well, instead of being a happy one, I am just here musing at the Ugandan way.

I walked into one of these local supermarkets and my mind was else where before I had someone rudely say remove your hand! I turned to see the security guard caution at my hand in the pocket. I was so furious, I almost lashed out, but no, I didn’t. It was useless. It was pointless to tell this somebody that saying please, excuse me or sorry can you move your hand was the easiest way to get me to move it. Were they not told this in security school?

A few weeks back, at a security check point at one of the prominent local dailies’ offices, as they unzipped and checked my bag, I asked if the guard was allowed to ramage through it, disorganising my stuff, and then he goes ahead to ask why I am being smart! Hunh? I am being smart for just asking a question! He then goes on to further check my bag angrily. Again, I had to stop myself from lashing out. What’s wrong with shallow minded people who wield guns and thinking they are entitled to say as much? It was a simple yes or no question! Another guard (colleague of his I guess)Β goes ahead to question my intentions for asking? Damn it!

Today while I was driving, trying to maintain the lane, a car comes from way behind, skipping as many cars and their drivers patiently waiting (and I use patiently lightly) Β to pop right beside me and goes ahead to seek to go ahead in front! WHY? Why can’t we keep the correct lanes in traffic? Be it taxi! Today I also mused at how one of the drivers, instead of using an indicator to notify us that he was making a turn, stuck out his hand to signal that he was turning. You just can’t help but be furious at the Ugandan way.

Hey, I am not saying I haven’t fallen short or even been part and privy of the Ugandan way but I try as much as possible to do it the right way. It’s hard to be right when everything around you is wrong or being done the wrong way. From people who want you to pay for giving you a free service to people who don’t want to pay you for offering a payable for service.

I’ve had it to the neck with this bullshit. I have a short fuse and for the past 10 years, I’ve been working on it but God bless the next rude person, the next asshole, the next tool! Why can’t we just do things the right way? Argh!


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