Quarterly Review!

I need to take a couple of shots first before I do my quarterly review.

The beginning of the year has been slow, with promise, but slow. So slow being self employed feels a lot like unemployment (trust me). I’ve done some considerable amount of work but still, I feel that I am behind on my target(s).

Am I thrilled? No? Disappointed? Not so much. Hopeful? Let’s toast to that.

I sat down and tried to archive work that I have done and was surprised at the load, but then, why is it I am in a relative and constant state of brokeness? I shut down the restaurant, right? I shouldn’t be leaking money?

Anyway, that aside, I applied for a job seeing as this self employed thing is not working out and I should be starting soon. Soon being relative in terms of contract inception and commencement. So, in about a week or two, I should be at the new job. I am happy. I hope that the third time is indeed my lucky charm. Working has never been a good experience especially in an environment that doesn’t have minimum wage. And bosses who promise to ‘pay’ but what do I know about the private sector? Lool!

That being said, I am also thinking about furthering my studies. Blame it on the old man. My old man applied for the title professor, which he claims he should have already gotten if it weren’t for the missive and relative incompetence that is the Makerere University, so I feel obliged to at least carry on the mantle.

So ‘in case’ and ‘at least’ are not conjoined in any way? Hunh!

So, according to my quarterly review and performance, I’ve been undercharging for the/my services offered and because client loyalty is better than any short term financial returns, I am stuck in this rut. But I know I will make it out thanks again to client loyalty.

For those who are reading this and don’t know what I do, you can check out some of my officious writings here and oba here!

Anyway, I believe we are moving in the right direction. That and the fact that I need to work on other things other than accomplishing projects/work. More personal things I guess. Oh well, for now, I will dance to Ojuelegba! One step front, the other in the back.

Remember how I said I would be risking in 2015? Realised I had done that in 2014, so, my goals have now shifted to saving. Saving work. Saving money. Saving clients. Saving myself. Read up and watched some inspirational videos by Dr DeMartini and I was impressed and motivated to move my life in that direction.

But fact of the matter is, whenever we get a bust of energy, it’s quickly emptied by this continuous sense of hopelessnes. Remember those personal things I am supposed to be working on, yeah, one of them is this sense of hopelessness I get, occasionally. Maybe quite often. Anyway, we are working on that. In fact, let me go work on that now.


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