The birth month finally ends and the anniversary one begins. I know, you are not going to ask so I won’t even bother to tell you what the anniversary is for. Unbeknownst of reasons, I feel the need to write, write and just write more. It’s kind of a feel good thing going on here, just to write, maybe because I can now just do it on my phone. Oh yes, that must be the reason why.

I have written professionally before albeit in an unprofessional way. Sent in my written article for a review and it came back with so many highlighted statements with a comment below keep writing! And I kept writing.

Writing is a beautiful thing. Don’t know how I started but I have never stopped. As far as I can remember, it all started in my first year in high school when we were told to keep a journal. And from a journal, kept myself a notebook where I wrote down everything. EVERYTHING! Notes, thoughts, quotes and everything I could come across. For a long time, I felt incomplete if I didn’t have anything to write down on or in. And now the smart phones just make it easier. The best thing for me is going back to those old notes and comparing them, my writing and thoughts to those I have now. And in there, I will find moments of brilliance, moments of stupidity and all this gives me moments of serendipity.

So I say write, and in there, just maybe, you’ll find something.

Mob Justice

I have a feeling I’ve written about this before but I can’t seem to trace the post. It’s a sad day when somebody is killed because of unfortunate circumstances. I weep for the mother who woke up to such sad news. What happened two weekends ago should never have happened, and must never happen. I hate violence, and whether someone stole something from me, violence is not the solution. Violence is never the solution. Should never be the way.

About two weekends ago, David Ojok, a graduate IT student was lynched by fellow students mistaking him for a thief. In an unfortunate series of events – seeing as the propagators were never caught, he lost his life. Some students from the famed and notorious Nkrumah hall (formerly called Northcote) bragged about it online not knowing who the victim was. A gruesome photo was shared and some unknowingly cheered. My first reaction when the photo was shared was, did Ojok deserve this? Was the mob even aware of why they were lynching? Do these people value life?

A bunch of students came out calling for blood but whose blood? The university has not come out to say anything? No one from Nkrumah hall has come out to say anything? It is quite unfortunate. How do you take your brother’s life?

I made a draft of this post about a week ago but couldn’t get myself to post it because the anger I felt then would only just manifest without me sharing exactly what I am trying to put across. In a society that cherishes the adage ‘spare the rod, spoil the child’  – of applying the rod to avoid spoiling the child, this has clearly affected our perspective of what justice is. Schools cain/beat children because of various shortcomings/ or the so called indiscipline. Schools beat children for failing in class. Schools beat children for coming to class/school late. Our society’s dependence on the whip/cain has distorted our sense of justice and is pretty much why we are violent. It is human nature to love and care. We have been desensitized by the whip we resort to the whip whenever we want or seek justice.

David died. For something lifeless, a life was taken. Do people even value life? These students who took his life have blood on their hands. I know, cliché but fact is, some things have a ripple effect. I hope for one that David’s family can have solace, can find a peace where no justice was given.

I don’t even want to talk about the Xenophobia down south. The fact that authorities there are aloof of the situation goes to show how bad the situation is. I’d want to say Madiba didn’t die for this, but he’s not the only African father moving in his grave. Like I said, people who seek violence as a form of justice clearly don’t know what justice is.

The Lonely Tree

The wind gashes, the sun shines, the leaves shake, not with excitement, but with the loneliness of being the only tree stuck in a pot in the middle of the city.

Shadows move, mixed sounds everywhere, but I can’t move, because my roots are stuck, stuck in the one place I was planted, in the middle of the city.

I am stuck, not by choice but because it’s nature’s way. I am the lonely tree stuck in the big city.

The Side Phone

Last evening I had a conversation with a couple of friends. Alight of this conversation was the fact that I had just recently reset my main phone, and although I have a second small phone, relatively smart, I couldn’t help but feel cheated. I love my main phone. I can’t imagine using the side phone. I just can’t. The side phone is for emergencies and many a time, the emergencies are like real emergencies and not just for fun. Basically when I use the side phone, I feel like I am cheating on my main phone.

You’ve got to realize that the side phone is used for basic functions like calling or texting, which is different for the main phone. The main phone literally possesses your soul such that when anything happens to it, you feel like there’s a gaping hole left behind.

Now you do realize that there’s a similarity between the side phone and main phone to the main chic and side chic. And if you have a worthy main chic, it doesn’t allow room for a small functional side chic. And yes, truth is, men are set up in such a way that there’s always a number 2 small functional phone for emergencies. That number 2 cannot be compared to the main lady but sure as hell can provide the basic services. Which brings me to the query, what kind of soulless douches carry the iPhone 6 as the main phone and the S5 as the side phone?

Fact is, when you have the i6 and the S6, you can never truly realize the potential of any of the two phones. You can never fully utilize both and they are both demanding and expensive to maintain. And I am pretty sure that applies to relationships too. You can’t have the main chic and side chic at the same level trying to do the same thing. It’s just ridiculous. And that’s how you get frustrated because both equally demand the same attention and same ‘services’!

Anyway, to each their own. I am a big fan of having one amazing main phone that can work for you. And even if the phone breaks down, you work on it, fix it and make it even better. And if you stick to that brand of phone, the upgrades are always amazing. Think about it.

Random April Thoughts!

First, happy birthday to me. 🎆🎇.

Secondly, I am partisan. Whatever that means. Well, according to statistics, the voter count keeps dwindling each year the government has come out to encourage people to vote. Really? Encourage people to vote? For what exactly? Reforms against them? I laugh. Besides, I see more reproach from the learned than the other unlearned masses. All I am saying is, if the government is going out of its way to ensure you vote under the notion of civic duty then we shall be civil about it and decline. Besides, 4 billion Ugandan shillings (1.5 million dollars) on just transporting voting ballots is reason enough to be disgusted.

OK. Enough about politics. I hope you are as disgusted as I am.

Growing up vs growing old. I laugh when 22 year olds finish school and start complaining about how their plans are not going according to plan! Really? You just finished school and half expected to do what, run the world? There’s 30 year olds who are still trying to figure out their lives. Calm down! Growing up (a sense of maturity) is different from growing old but the two are not mutually exclusive. Reminds me of a dual economy! Thing is, if you have a plan, on paper, then that is a start. Don’t plan things in your head and expect to execute them from your head. You will literally be in over your head. Anyway, growing up makes you make tough decisions, unlike growing old which is just a recurring constant. I also need to think about becoming a life coach.

Sad. Sad to see another black man die because of a white cop I am starting to think this a conspiracy. Probably white supremacy or something but fact is, all lives matter. It is inherent in our human DNA to care for another irrespective of shade. Maybe we should stop seeing black and white and see 50 shades of gray. Another life, another hash tag.

Anyway, enough randomsies, to the main point. On my birthday, I thought to myself, what lessons have I learnt?

1. Pray. I don’t care much about what you believe or what deity you are but prayer is good. Reflect. Meditate. It’s good for your spirit, your soul.

2. Love more. I am honestly tired of the side chic/side guy/friendzones. This world needs more love. Pay it forward.

3. Read more. I have forgotten how to read as much as I thought I used to. Been on page 15 of my current book since December. We are talking months here. 5 at that. Just read.

4. Don’t fake it. Stick to your principles.

5. Loyalty. To those who deserve it. Let go of those who don’t. You are never too old to make new friends.

6. Upgrade. Your life. Your thoughts. Your friends.

7. Be courteous. When necessary. Be aggressive. Within.

8. Balance. Life is all about balance. Physical. Emotional. Financial. Spiritual. Find it.

9. Believe. Plan. Strategize. Move. If this fails. Add the ‘re’ prefix to all.

10. Don’t take all I have said seriously. Seriously though!