Random April Thoughts!

First, happy birthday to me. 🎆🎇.

Secondly, I am partisan. Whatever that means. Well, according to statistics, the voter count keeps dwindling each year the government has come out to encourage people to vote. Really? Encourage people to vote? For what exactly? Reforms against them? I laugh. Besides, I see more reproach from the learned than the other unlearned masses. All I am saying is, if the government is going out of its way to ensure you vote under the notion of civic duty then we shall be civil about it and decline. Besides, 4 billion Ugandan shillings (1.5 million dollars) on just transporting voting ballots is reason enough to be disgusted.

OK. Enough about politics. I hope you are as disgusted as I am.

Growing up vs growing old. I laugh when 22 year olds finish school and start complaining about how their plans are not going according to plan! Really? You just finished school and half expected to do what, run the world? There’s 30 year olds who are still trying to figure out their lives. Calm down! Growing up (a sense of maturity) is different from growing old but the two are not mutually exclusive. Reminds me of a dual economy! Thing is, if you have a plan, on paper, then that is a start. Don’t plan things in your head and expect to execute them from your head. You will literally be in over your head. Anyway, growing up makes you make tough decisions, unlike growing old which is just a recurring constant. I also need to think about becoming a life coach.

Sad. Sad to see another black man die because of a white cop I am starting to think this a conspiracy. Probably white supremacy or something but fact is, all lives matter. It is inherent in our human DNA to care for another irrespective of shade. Maybe we should stop seeing black and white and see 50 shades of gray. Another life, another hash tag.

Anyway, enough randomsies, to the main point. On my birthday, I thought to myself, what lessons have I learnt?

1. Pray. I don’t care much about what you believe or what deity you are but prayer is good. Reflect. Meditate. It’s good for your spirit, your soul.

2. Love more. I am honestly tired of the side chic/side guy/friendzones. This world needs more love. Pay it forward.

3. Read more. I have forgotten how to read as much as I thought I used to. Been on page 15 of my current book since December. We are talking months here. 5 at that. Just read.

4. Don’t fake it. Stick to your principles.

5. Loyalty. To those who deserve it. Let go of those who don’t. You are never too old to make new friends.

6. Upgrade. Your life. Your thoughts. Your friends.

7. Be courteous. When necessary. Be aggressive. Within.

8. Balance. Life is all about balance. Physical. Emotional. Financial. Spiritual. Find it.

9. Believe. Plan. Strategize. Move. If this fails. Add the ‘re’ prefix to all.

10. Don’t take all I have said seriously. Seriously though!

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