The Side Phone

Last evening I had a conversation with a couple of friends. Alight of this conversation was the fact that I had just recently reset my main phone, and although I have a second small phone, relatively smart, I couldn’t help but feel cheated. I love my main phone. I can’t imagine using the side phone. I just can’t. The side phone is for emergencies and many a time, the emergencies are like real emergencies and not just for fun. Basically when I use the side phone, I feel like I am cheating on my main phone.

You’ve got to realize that the side phone is used for basic functions like calling or texting, which is different for the main phone. The main phone literally possesses your soul such that when anything happens to it, you feel like there’s a gaping hole left behind.

Now you do realize that there’s a similarity between the side phone and main phone to the main chic and side chic. And if you have a worthy main chic, it doesn’t allow room for a small functional side chic. And yes, truth is, men are set up in such a way that there’s always a number 2 small functional phone for emergencies. That number 2 cannot be compared to the main lady but sure as hell can provide the basic services. Which brings me to the query, what kind of soulless douches carry the iPhone 6 as the main phone and the S5 as the side phone?

Fact is, when you have the i6 and the S6, you can never truly realize the potential of any of the two phones. You can never fully utilize both and they are both demanding and expensive to maintain. And I am pretty sure that applies to relationships too. You can’t have the main chic and side chic at the same level trying to do the same thing. It’s just ridiculous. And that’s how you get frustrated because both equally demand the same attention and same ‘services’!

Anyway, to each their own. I am a big fan of having one amazing main phone that can work for you. And even if the phone breaks down, you work on it, fix it and make it even better. And if you stick to that brand of phone, the upgrades are always amazing. Think about it.

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