The birth month finally ends and the anniversary one begins. I know, you are not going to ask so I won’t even bother to tell you what the anniversary is for. Unbeknownst of reasons, I feel the need to write, write and just write more. It’s kind of a feel good thing going on here, just to write, maybe because I can now just do it on my phone. Oh yes, that must be the reason why.

I have written professionally before albeit in an unprofessional way. Sent in my written article for a review and it came back with so many highlighted statements with a comment below keep writing! And I kept writing.

Writing is a beautiful thing. Don’t know how I started but I have never stopped. As far as I can remember, it all started in my first year in high school when we were told to keep a journal. And from a journal, kept myself a notebook where I wrote down everything. EVERYTHING! Notes, thoughts, quotes and everything I could come across. For a long time, I felt incomplete if I didn’t have anything to write down on or in. And now the smart phones just make it easier. The best thing for me is going back to those old notes and comparing them, my writing and thoughts to those I have now. And in there, I will find moments of brilliance, moments of stupidity and all this gives me moments of serendipity.

So I say write, and in there, just maybe, you’ll find something.

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