“Boys are immature,” she said!


Allow me another laugh.

Hahahaha. I am not going to be offended by this statement. It’s ridiculous even in its notion that young men are immature. I’ve not heard it once, not twice but so many times for it to register as an irritation every time a young girl utters it. Then again, I take no offense. I do though take offense in the person who’s spread such propaganda. A 22 year old can’t date a 22 year old because apparently, he is more likely to be immature. Granted, the status quo hasn’t changed much to support the 22 year old dude’s arguement.

I am honestly perplexed at this notion, that girls go seeking older men because guys of their age group are immature. I need to know, what makes us immature? Girls have come up with a rather bizarre notion that the right type of guy -the mature guy, will be settled, have a home and be ready to start a family. Take her home for Christmas to his parents and have very deep conversations, which apparently you can’t get from a 22 year old. It is so bad that these young girls literally lose interest immediately they find out how old you are. It is so bad that they even have their maturity age gap and brackets. He has to be 35, have a steady job and have an acceptable bank balance because that makes him look mature, be mature.


Are you kidding me? It is bamboozling to hear such come from girls who’ve barely made it out in the world. Girls who’ve barely traveled and seen the world. Girls whose version of a romance is in the twilight books they read. Girls whose understanding of culture barely exceeds that of what their roommate next door screams out loud during their throngs of passion. Girls whose basic knowledge of starting a family is getting a man whose already settled. Girls whose idea of maturity is so misconstrued they believe themselves mature because they carry around a pair of breasts.

I’d rather you say he’s too young, unsettled, and lacks ambition than call someone undateble and immature. Girls need to throw away these delusions of grandeur they keep feeding themselves. Illusions, created by your inability to rather comprehend that carrying such thoughts around makes you more or less immature and the young lad you called out immature, mature.

I once believed this nonsense because society made me believe that girls grow up faster and are more mature than boys their age. Fact of the matter is that there are so many precedents to support and also equally nullify this argument.

Anyway, all I am saying is that for Pete’s sake, stop using the bloody word. Look it up in the dictionary. Immature relates to things regarding to growth, and until you know that, grow those ideas and ideals lest we think your mental capabilities immature.

And for the guys who’ve been called immature, well, keep proving them right. It’s the least they deserve, right?


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